2 Displays For Mac Mini

The support article for Mac Mini (Late 2012) shows and details which ports can do what.

So you'd probably need to get a Thunderbolt adapter to use a second display, it seems.

See the listed items to connect to Thunderbolt port in the link you posted. I've the same

link bookmarked from more than a year ago...


Connect up to two 4K displays — and even a third with HDMI 2.0 — or one 5K display. Or pair Mac mini with an eGPU for desktop-class graphics performance. Thunderbolt 3 Transfer data up to 40Gbps Charge and provide power from any port Connect with eGPU. Mini DisplayPort to HDMI,Anbear Gold Plated Mini Display Port(ThunderboltTM Port Compatible) to HDMI HDTV Male to Female Adapter for Mac Book, iMac, and More, DP V1.2 Support 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,418 $7.99 $ 7.

Best Monitor For Mac: ASUS TUF VG27AQ. ASUS TUF VG27AQ.

I have a Late 2012 Mac Mini i7, while only using one Apple Cinema (aluminum) display.

Another option would be also buy a Thunderbolt multiple port dock. Some allow many other

products, & duplicate ports. (Up to 12 items, from USB3.0, Thundebolt, etc) not cheap. A

few displays may allow daisy-chain; note MiniDisplay looks like a Thunderbolt port but may

2 Displays For Mac Mini Versions

not act like one. The adapters may allow minidisplay to run from Thunderbolt. See support

article and then refer to Apple store page of display adapters.

Mac Mini Display Options

2 Displays For Mac Mini

OWC also has an external optical drive with several ports built-in (with extra HDD).

Displays For Mac Mini

Good luck! 🙂

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