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The AirPort Extreme Card for Mac Pro (Early 2009 'Nehalem') from Apple adds 802.11n Airport Extreme Wi-Fi to Mac Pro computers with Nehalem processors. It installs in the Airport Extreme slot in the Mac Pro. New Apple Airport Extreme BCM94322MC Wireless WiFi Card for All Mac Pro MB988Z/A. 3CLeader Airport Extreme Card Replacement 802.11n For Mac Pro Mb988z/A. 4.4 out of 5 stars 19. Mac pro 2008 wifi card airport card for imac airport extreme card mac pro. 922-7773 Apple Bluetooth Antenna Board with Cable for Mac Pro: 661-4714 Apple Airport Extreme Card for Mac Pro Early 2008, iMac Mid 2007 & MacBook Late 2007 - 2008 820-5280-A: 922-8233 Apple Bluetooth Card for iMac 2006 - Mid 2011 and Mac Pro 2006 - Early 2008 - NEW: 661-4060 Apple Airport Extreme Card 802.11B/G/N MA688Z/A. AirPort is the name given to a series of products by Apple Inc. Using the Wi-Fi protocols (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11ac).These products comprise a number of wireless routers and wireless cards. The AirPort Extreme name was originally intended to signify the addition of the 802.11g protocol to these products. In Japan, the line of products is marketed under the brand AirMac due to. Airport Card Extreme – Ver. 4 (US/Catalan/Latin America) Manufacture Part Number 607-2052, BCM94321MC EMC Number EMC 2211, EMC 2210 EEE Code ZAB Compatible Apple Computer iMac (20-inch Early 2008) iMac (24-inch Early 2008) MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2008) MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2008) MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2008) Related products Add.

Apple Airport Extreme Card For Mac Pro Early 2008

The Airport Extreme upgrade for the Mac Pro is not what most people would consider a card, since it doesn't go in one of the PCIe slots. It is, in fact, a card similar to that which goes in a notebook computer. Most internal wireless cards for notebooks are mini-PCI or mini-PCIe and fit into a miniature card slot inside the computer. The Airport Extreme card for the Mac Pro is the same type of card. It is not as easy to install as a typical PCIe card, but no more difficult than adding RAM. The hardest part is the antenna connection and cable routing. I installed one of these in a Mac Mini last night (much more difficult than the Mac Pro) and it took about 15 minutes. It took 5 minutes to add a similar card to a Dell Notebook computer, and the Mac Pro should be about the same or easier.