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okay-there is no 'sound card' as such (as far as I know) . There may be onboard sound, but nothing user-replaceable. to check if it's working, go into preferences, then sound, then, select line out, connect speakers, play something and it should work. If not, mess around with Audio MIDI setup, and ensure that you have 44khz, 16 bit stereo output.

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then do a test on your speakers, then save, then quit Audio MIDI setup. that may fix things. According to M-Audio's website (I think that's who makes the delta 1010), you'd need a PC or G4/G5 with a free PCI/PCI-X slot. Mac Pro will not work, and neither will a MacBook Pro. you'll be needing something firewire based, I'd suspect. plus maybe GarageBand or something along those lines. Sadly, the crystal ball has gone dark and that's all I have for now. But-Mac Pro big, Mac Pro tower, Mac Pro hard to carry. Macbook Pro not that big, Macbook Pro not tower, Macbook Pro not hard to carry.