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MPlayer is a popular and versatile AVI player that works on the MAC OS and delivers outstanding video and audio quality. This media player supports a gamut of formats and requires no external codecs to function. With a stylish interface, it. DivX AVI Player The last in our list for best AVI player is DivX- a user friendly media player for conveniently playing the AVI files on your Mac. AVI player for Mac can act as a free 4K/8K/HD video player. It enables you to play 4K/8K videos and HD videos, including 1080p/1080i/720p videos smoothly on wide screen. Most of the 4K/HD video formats are highly supported, such as MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC, TS, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV and WebM. Play Blu-ray/DVD with the Best User Experience. The AVI format, short for Audio video interleave, was first developed by Microsoft in the early 1990s. The AVI file format is heavily used on PCs, but can't be used on a Mac computer. Even as for Apple's QuickTime media player, unfortunately, the free version of QuickTime is not compatible with all types of AVI video files on Mac.

Playing AVI files is one of the biggest worries for a Mac user. None of the four major Indeo codecs that are required to decode AVI files have been integrated into QuickTime. In some cases, even if the required codecs are available, the AVI video file does not play due to corruption. So, before we get to know how to play AVI files on Mac or how to fix AVI files that are not playing on Mac, let’s get a quick look at Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format.

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What is an AVI file?

The full form of AVI is Audio Video Interleave. Like any video file format, AVI is a container format that defines how video data is packed into a file. Unlike other video formats, it does not predefine or specify the protocol or procedure involved while recording or creating a file. As an AVI file structure has the organizational format of streams and stream data, it is defined by two lists namely List Chunk and Index Chunk.

List Chunk: The list chunk has metadata, the size of the file, frame rates and audio/video information.

Index Chunk: Index chunk is responsible for saving the locations of data within the container.

Note: If any of these crucial chunks is missing in your AVI video file, then your AVI file will not play.

What is a Codec?

A codec that is short from for compressor and decompressor is responsible for decoding the video and audio tracks that have been encoded or packed in the .avi file.

Avi player for mac

It is to be noted that an AVI file or any video file does not come with codecs. Codecs are a part of the video player package like QuickTime.

However, if the codec used to encode the AVI file is not available in the QuickTime player, then your AVI file will not play. Thus, you can expand the codec library of the player by downloading the specific codec required to play the AVI video file.

Problems Associated With Running AVI on Mac Using QuickTime

When an AVI file is opened using QuickTime player, it scans the file to see which codecs have been used to encode the data in the container/AVI file.

The AVI format video will play as expected if the video and audio in codec are compressed using a codec that exists in the QuickTime package. Nevertheless, problems arise while playing AVI files on Mac when the codec does not exist in the library and leads to an unplayable AVI file on Mac. The file may also refuse to play if the AVI file is corrupt. Fix corrupt AVI files on Mac before trying any workaround.

Unplayable AVI Files Return The Following Errors:

  • QuickTime is missing the software needed to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the QuickTime server
  • 'You may experience problems playing a video track in 'file.avi' because the required compressor could not be found

Additionally, the latest version QuickTime X does not have a few major codec’s like Indeo or native DivX support and you might end up with the question “How to play unplayable AVI file on Mac?”.

Now that you have understood the complications associated with AVI files that are unplayable on Mac, the following workarounds mentioned-below have been provided to help you fix unplayable AVI videos on Mac.

Methods to Fix Unplayable AVI files on Mac

Avi player for mac os

Find the right codec to play AVI file on QuickTime:

Find the codec used to encode the file using QuickTime by opening the file using QuickTime and select Show Movie Info option from the Window menu.

The video file information is listed, and you will be able to find codec information after format properties. Check if the QuickTime version supports the codec that is listed in the video properties.

If you don’t find the codec preinstalled with QuickTime, check on the QuickTime support site if the codec is supported by the player. If you don’t find the respective codec or if it is an unsupportive codec, then your AVI video won’t play. In case it is supported then you can go ahead and install the codec after downloading it from the author or the publisher’s site.

Note: Download the codec from genuine and trusted sources to avoid compromising your system security.

Download and Install Standardized Video Encoders:

There are two major industry-standard codecs for Mac that can extend the playback capabilities. The following codecs have been referred to as the most preferred codecs that enable you to open .avi files on Mac:

  • Install 3ivx D4 codec:
    This codec enables greater video quality at lower file size values up to fifty percent when compared to the MPEG-4 standard designed by Apple. This decoder increases the efficiency of the video storage and transmission of files that are rendered too large.It is an integration of a huge set of video and audio codecs that allow playback of almost all the AVI files with AAC audio and video of MPEG-4.You can fix your unplayable AVI file by installing 3ivx D4 on your Mac. There is no longer a need for downloading any other components like plug-ins to play the AVI file unless a proprietary codec is used to encode the file.
  • Install DivX for Mac free codec to fix AVI files in Quick time:
    While you can play the majority of AVI files after you install this free codec for Mac, its major disadvantage is that the audio sometimes might be distorted or only the video is played. For this reason, DivX codec for Mac is a secondary option when compared to 3ivx D4 codec.

Note: Only one among the above two codecs are to be used at once as they share the same set of library files to decode the video. Hence it is recommended to install only one codec to avoid malfunction of QuickTime player.

Use an Alternate player to Play AVI files on Mac:

VLC or Video LAN Client is a cross-platform media player that supports a wide variety of AVI video and audio codecs. Therefore, choosing VLC as an alternative media player to play the unplayable AVI file on Quick Time is one of the easiest ways.
Because of its large library of free encoding and decoding libraries, you will no longer need any additional codec download or proprietary plug-ins.

Avi Player For Mac Catalina

Play AVI Files By Converting Into QuickTime Supported MOV Files:

Another workaround to fix the unplayable AVI video on Mac is to convert the AVI file into a QuickTime supported file format like MOV.
Post conversion, the file is not only playable by Mac but also has improved the quality of audio and video. As most of the converters break the index of the AVI file while conversion, this method is least recommended. Lastly, if the converted video file stops playing halfway try AVI index repair on Mac.

Note: Have a copy of your AVI file before converting them to any other compatible format as your AVI file might get corrupt due to improper conversion and leads to permanent inaccessible AVI files.

AVI Still Not Playing In Mac?

If the AVI video file is unplayable even after updating the codecs or converting them to the MOV file, using a professional AVI video repair tool is suggested. Remo Repair AVI is the tool that you will be needing.

Remo Repair AVI fixes and works on a duplicate version of your original AVI file to prevent modification on the original file. The self-explanatory interface helps you to fix the video in just 3 clicks. Download the Remo Repair AVI tool now to fix your unplayable video and preview it for free before saving.

Remo Repair AVI Can Also:

  • Repair AVI files that are corrupted
  • Repair AVI files if their index is corrupted
  • Repairs AVI files if there is no audio or playing only audio in the video file


With the mentioned free workarounds or by using the above-mentioned AVI repair tool, you must have fixed your unplayable AVI videos on Mac. However, you can always make use of Remo Software’s technical assistance team as they will guide you with the repairing process of the software if needed.

Macgo Mac Media Player

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.12 Sierra
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended

Macgo Free Mac Media Player is a totally free media player for Mac OS X with high definition of up to 1080P/4K Video and DTS5.1 audio system. Almost all kinds of media formats, like DVD, videos, audios and photos can be played with it.

All-powerful free DVD media player for Mac

The all-powerful free Mac media player that can support almost all media categories and formats, like movies, videos, audios. Designed as a free DVD Player for Mac, it also supports VideoCD, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA and other non-mainstream formats on all Mac OS X, including Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.


Free external subtitle support & Free update service

It not only can successfully play the built-in subtitles of any media formats but provide free external subtitle support on Mac like SRT, SSA and SUB, which other media players certainly cannot compete with. In addition, Macgo will keep timely upgrades of this powerful free Mac media player and any update service will be free in the future days.

Avi Player For Mac

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Directly output DVD or other videos with high-definition quality and support DTS5.1 without any quality loss as well as pass through for Mac. With the arrival of Free Mac Media Player, all Mac users are able to enjoy DVD at even 1080P HD and 4K Video and have the first-class audio-visual experience of home theater.

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