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You just need to locate the Apple Mail Backup Location, as all your emails are stored automatically on your hard drive. From there you can just make the copy of the apple mail database and your backup will be stored securely. Here's how you can locate your apple mail backup location:

Find and Open the Folder Where OS X Mail Stores Mail

To go to the folder that holds your OS X Mail messages:

  1. Open a new window in OS X Finder.
  2. Select Go Go to Folder… from the menu.
    - You can also press Command-Shift-G.
  3. Type '~/Library/Mail/V3'.
  4. Press Enter.

You can find your folders and messages in sub-folders to the V3 folder:

  • Local mailboxes are in the Mailboxes sub-folder.
  • POP email accounts can be found in sub-folders with POP- in their name.
  • IMAP accounts' mailboxes are in sub-folder that have IMAP- in their name.

The messages are stored in .mbox folders, one per OS X Mail email folder. Open and explore these folders to discover (and open or copy) the emails saved as .emlx files.

Backup For Mac Mail

Find and Open the Folder Where Mac OS X Mail 5–8 Store Mail

Backup Mac Mail To External Hard Drive

To open the folder where Mac OS X Mail keeps your messages:

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Select Go Go to Folder… from the menu.
  3. Type '~/Library/Mail/V2'.
    - You can have Finder auto-complete the folder names by pressing Tab.
  4. Click OK.

Mac OS X Mail stores the mailboxes in sub-folders to the Mail directory, one sub-folder per account. POP accounts start with POP-, IMAP accounts with IMAP-.

Find and Open the Folder Where Mac OS X Mail 1-4 Store Mail

To locate the folder where Mac OS X Mail 1-4 stores mail:

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. Go to your home directory.
    - You can use the Home toolbar button
    - or select Go Home from the menu to go home.
  3. Open the Library/Mail directory..

Some alternative to Backup Email on Apple Mail are:

You can export your Apple Mail mailboxes with the following steps:

First Method: Export mailboxes

  1. Select one or more mailboxes, then choose Mailbox > Export Mailbox.
  2. Choose a folder or create a new folder, then click Choose.Mail exports the mailboxes as .mbox packages. If you previously exported a mailbox, Mail doesn’t overwrite the existing .mbox file; it creates a new .mbox file, such as My Mailbox 3.mbox.

Backup For Mac Mailbox

Second Method: You can go directly to the folder where Mail saves its data through the Finder and duplicate it to store a copy elsewhere. Inside the Finder, menu Go > Go to Folder and then paste this path:

FOr third and last option you may go for any third party app available online for apple mail backup. The Backup query for Apple Mail has been covered multiple times on this forum, have a look at some of those, might be helpful:

Best Backup For Mac

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