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10 years of Raumagame!

Today City of Rauma – the game turns 10 years old! Wohoo!! On October 20th 2007 I made the game public for the first time. To celebrate this special day I’ve made it possible to play the “Go” version of the game, running on HTML5 and JavaScript on your browser. It’s still a work in […]

Building Games online/ free Construction games for kids to play on the internet for PC/ Mac with no download: Bridge building simulation games, house construction game, tower/ city building, fun 3D car games for young kids (boys & girls), educational activities, physics problem solving brain-teasers. Cities Skylines. Cities Skylines is the ultimate city builder game you can play right now. A zoo to build where you can even breed animals Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more! Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community! Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Development news

Heya! Thanks to summertime I have been trying to be less on the computer and more outdoors :) Nonetheless I have made some nice progress on developing Raumagame Go. Actually, some of the most critical features are working already: building, destroying and saving the game. These features are very basic – building is instant, there […]

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New website is live!

The website has been completely renewed and is now running on WordPress. The previous site design remained unchanged for almost a decade so it was about time to update!

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‘Raumagame Go’ in the plans

To celebrate the 10th (wow!) anniversary of City of Rauma – the game, there is a plan to make a simplified City of Rauma game experience that would work in a browser.

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Raumagame mentioned on The Guardian

City of Rauma – the game was mentioned on The Guardian story about the 575th anniversary of the city of Rauma, which is nice!

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The story behind City of Rauma

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the release of City of Rauma I wrote a short story about the roots of the game.

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Create amazing experiences using the powerful suite of game technologies built to harness the full capabilities of Apple platforms. Spanning from high-level to low-level, these technologies offer a wide array of graphics, gameplay and social features to make your titles even better.


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Maximize the graphics and compute potential of your games with Metal, which provides the best access to the GPU on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.


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With SpriteKit, it’s easy to create high-performance, power-efficient 2D games.


Enable players to share gameplay recordings or broadcast live games to players and viewers online with this easy-to-use framework.


This framework provides a collection of essential tools and techniques used to implement modern gameplay algorithms.

Model I/O

Integrate physically-based materials, models, and lighting for SceneKit, GameplayKit, and Metal with Model I/O.

Game Center

Take advantage of Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network. Gamers can track their best scores on a leaderboard, compare their achievements, and start a multiplayer game through auto-matching.

Game Controller

Integrate your games with MFi game controllers and take advantage of other modes of input. Learn how to add support for physical D-pads, buttons, triggers, joysticks, and more.

On-Demand Resources

Create smaller app bundles, enable faster downloads, and add up to 20 GB of additional content hosted on the App Store.

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