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  1. Mp3 songs downloader free free music free download - MP3 Juice - Free MP3 Downloader, TubeMate, TubeMate 3, and many more programs.
  2. Downloading previous purchases from the iTunes Store is a great way to add items to your devices without having to sync or copy files, and you can use this method to replace iTunes Store files you accidentally lost or deleted. In the Music app on your Mac, click iTunes Store in the sidebar. If you don’t see iTunes Store in the sidebar, choose Music Preferences, click General, make sure.
  3. Here is the tutorial on how to export songs from Apple Music with Sidify Apple Music Converter. Step 1: Run Sidify Apple Music Converter. Before running Sidify Apple Music Converter, make sure that iTunes was well installed on your Mac or PC, and Apple Music songs were already downloaded from iTunes to your computer. Step 2: Add Apple Music Songs.

Apple Music is a Library and Album orientated streaming music service which quickly gets 50 millions of subscribers worldwide from October 2015 to May 2018. It also was ranked as one of the popular streaming music services that young people used most frequently. Yes, with Apple Music, we can search our favorite artist or album on then tab and one-click to download them, and then we can quickly find them in our well organized music library and listen to them on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Homepod and Apple TV offline.

However, some users complain that they have issues with Apple Music songs downloading. Here is the situation: whenever you try to download songs on Apple Music, the circle spins around and nothing actually happens beyond that, or getting an error message that said 'Unable to Download Songs'. You have tried everything like closing Music app, restarting iPhone, changing another Wi-Fi network, but you still encounter the same problem when the next time you want to download songs from Apple Music.

An arrow will indicate that the video is downloading and a box will pop up with the details, e.g. Downloading 'Peppa Pig.mp4' and you can watch as the download happens. Here is how you can transfer music from Mac to iPhone: Step 1: Download iMyFone TunesMate on your Mac. Install and open it. Connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable. Step 2: Click “Music” where you see the tab at the top.A list of your iPhone songs should come up automatically after this.

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Someone might have encountered same problem when downloading Apple Music songs on iPhone, and you may wonder why this error happens and what the solutions to completely fix this issue. To help you get rid of this issue, we will answer 'why your Apple Music not downloading songs' and provides some useful solutions to fix 'Apple Music songs not downloading' issue.

Part 1: Why Your Apple Music Not Downloading Songs?

Why this error 'Apple Music won't download songs' happens in your side? You tried every possibilities you know, but without luck. Here we sort out some probable causes.

  • No internet connection or poor network
  • Insufficient storage for music
  • Outdated iOS or iTunes
  • System glitch

After sorting out the probable causes, we are going to list workable solutions which are specifically related to network debugging or mobile termination resetting. Then you can see the seven possible solutions below.

Part 2: Solutions to Fix Apple Music Songs Not Downloading Issue

1. Check Network Connection

If Apple Music won't download songs, the first thing you need to check is the network connection, network interrupted or poor internet condition. You can switch network between Wi-Fi and Cellular Data or connect another Wi-Fi or hotspot. And if you are using Cellular Data to download Apple Music songs, please make sure that Apple Music is allowed to use mobile data.

You can go to Settings > Music > Cellular Data to see whether you have given the permission to allow Apple Music download songs on mobile data.

2. Circle Spins When You Downloading Album


After you search an album and download whole album from Apple Music, the circle spins around, along with album covers not loading up properly and nothing actually happens beyond that. In this case, you can free up memory space (2GB or more) on your iPhone or computer to fix this issue. You can delete some videos, clear cache, or enable iCloud photos to save iPhone storage.

3. Delete the Item from Your Library and Re-Add it

If you have random issues like that, you can delete the item you want to download from your library and re-add it.

4. Restart Apple Music App or Restart Device

If you do not know how to deal with this issue at the first time, you can restart Apple Music app or restart your iPhone to clear junk files and close background apps, then your iPhone and Apple Music app will run more smoothly.

5. (Re)Authorize Computer with Your Apple ID

If you can not download Apple Music songs on Mac or PC, or the download process interrupted, you can try to authorize you computer or reauthorize it if you have done already. This might fix some music, movies or apps download issue.

6. Sign Out Apple ID on iPhone

Software glitch might be the reason why you can not download songs from Apple Music or encounter other issues on iOS devices. In this circumstance, you can sign out you Apple ID and sign in once again to fix this issue. You can do this by clicking on Settings > Your name > Sign Out then sign in your Apple ID once again.

7. Update iOS or iTunes / Apple Music App to the Latest Version

Sometimes the iOS system or iTunes software bugs may cause the defects when using Apple Music, and developers will fix some bugs. So you can update iOS, iTunes or Apple Music app to the latest version to fix this issue.

Extra Solution: How to Backup and Export Apple Music Songs

In case the songs, playlists or albums you downloaded disappear or not playable due to some errors, you can backup and export your Apple Music songs, playlist and albums to computer, SD card, USB drive, MP3 player for safekeeping. You probably have tried this, but very frustrating to realize that Apple Music files are not allowed to be copied and played on any other devices. And you can only listen to the encrypted Apple Music songs on a limited Apple supported devices.

So if you want to get a copy of your Apple Music songs, you will need an Apple Music Converter to save them to your local computer. Here Sidify Apple Music Converter is able to convert them as digital copy like MP3, AAC, WAV, or FLAC with lossless audio quality kept. Then you can feel free to keep these copies on multiple devices or disc without worrying about losing your Apple Music songs. Here is the tutorial on how to export songs from Apple Music with Sidify Apple Music Converter.

Step 1: Run Sidify Apple Music Converter

Before running Sidify Apple Music Converter, make sure that iTunes was well installed on your Mac or PC, and Apple Music songs were already downloaded from iTunes to your computer.

Step 2: Add Apple Music Songs

Click '+' button at the upper-right corner of Sidify main interface, then a smaller box will be shown to list your downloaded Apple Music songs from iTunes library. You can select the songs you want to convert and click 'OK' to check the audio files you added.

Step 3: Choose the Output Format

Click on button at the upper-right corner and a setting window will pop up to let you choose the output format, output quality, and output path. Here you can choose MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV as the output format, and audio quality to 320kbps, 256kbps, 128kbps or 64kbps.

Step 4: Start Conversion

Click on 'CONVERT' button to start converting streamed Apple Music songs to plain audio files.

After the conversion completed, you can click icon to find the well-converted Apple Music songs from local drive.

As Apple Music subscribers, we use Music app to listen to music or watch music videos daily, but sometimes Apple Music app is not working due to internet, terminal or system glitches. In most instances, we can settle it by ourselves using the solutions from the internet. So welcome to share your experience here and we learn from each other to become more experienced to deal with the technical problem in our multimedia life.

Note: The trial version of Sidify Apple Music converter has 3-minute conversion limit. If you want to unlock the time restriction, purchase the full version of Sidify now.

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Save video from the web
Get Downie, a one-click media downloader for Mac.

Finding free music online and saving it on your Mac it is not as easy as it should be. While there are plenty of artists who’d love you to hear their music and who are happy for you to download it for free, the process of finding and then downloading it can be a bit of a pain.

Even if you know where to go looking (and we’ll help you with that in a minute), saving lots of individual tracks in a web browser one by one can be a slow and frustrating process. That’s where a smart music downloader can help.

Best music downloaders for Mac

Get a huge set of top music download apps for macOS. Best utilities in one pack, give it a go!

Where to get free music to download

There are of course, lots of places on the internet where you can find free music to download. But many of those places link to tracks which included cracked files or music the copyright owner hasn’t given permission to share.

It’s important that when you go looking for free mp3, you only use sources that have permission to share that music.

Here are a few places where you can find free music to download legally:

  • Jamendo. All the music on Jamendo has been made available by the artists on a Creative Commons licence. That means that, while they retain the rights to the music, they’ve agreed to allow it to be saved to your Mac for free.
  • Soundcloud. It's a hugely popular site where amateur and professional musicians, and some well-known names, share music. Not all of it is available to download for free, and you’ll need to create an account. But there are some real gems to be found.
  • It's another hugely popular site that, among its discovery and sharing features, also allows you to save music tracks for free.

How to download music online

Is it legal to download music for free? Yes, as long as the copyright owner consents. On all of the sites listed above, the rights owner has consented to allow their music to be downloaded.

There is a number of both paid and free tools that help download free music. Based on your requirements, decide on the functionality of a downloader you’re searching: Should it cover video and torrent as well? Batch downloads? Scheduling?

Here are the key features of music downloader we recommend you pay attention to:

  1. Control the speed of downloads. For instance, Folx splits large files into multiple threads, so they download more quickly.
  2. Schedule downloads so they only take place at times they won’t place too many demands on your computer.
  3. Video and torrents covered. You can get a one-stop downloader for capturing different types of media on your Mac.
  4. Tag downloads to easily find them later.

Download Songs For Macbook Air

Get the best music downloader

Setapp offers a number of music and video downloaders in one package – so you can toggle between different features and interfaces or pick one tool that perfectly covers your needs. Once you install Setapp, click on its icon in the menu bar and search for downloaders there. You’ll be suggested Elmedia Player, AnyTrans, Folx, and Downie. On the selected app, click Install and wait for it to travel to your Mac. Double-click to launch the app.

Here’s the quick overview of each of them:

  • Folx: Combines functionality of a download manager and torrent client. This is the best option for capturing large media files, while the app splits downloads in up to 20 streams.
  • Elmedia Player: A great alternative to Apple’s native media player – QuickTime, with an in-built media downloader.
  • Downie: Video and audio downloader that’s based on superb drag and drop functionality.
  • AnyTrans: A file transferring solution and a media downloader that works with iOS and macOS devices.
  • Pulltube: A universal media downloader that lets you instantly adjust the length of your video and music tracks.

Add the link to the track you want

Once you’ve found a track you want to save, copy the link. To do that, you’ll need to identify the download link on the site – it will usually be an icon with a downward arrow in it. Don’t click it, instead right-click or Control-click it. From the menu that appears, click Copy Link.

If you use Folx, paste the link with ⌘+V keyboard shortcut. Or the main Folx window, press the ‘+’ button next to the text bar at the top of the window. You should see that the box at the top of the window that opens already has the URL you copied in it. If not, paste it where it says ‘Add URL here.’ To download music from YouTube, select Audio in Quality.

It’s pretty similar with Downie – with the exception that you have to drag the link onto the app icon. To extract music from video, navigate to Settings > Extract Audio Only. From there, you can also customize the quality of output files, convert videos, or send to Permute – a universal media converter.

Choose where your music are stored

Once you’ve added the link, choose where you want to save it to. If you’re happy to leave the destination at its default, great. If not, you can change it as you like in any app. In Elmedia Player and Downie, open Preferences > General > Put new downloads in/Save files to folder. For those using Folx, you can also customize app’s behavior upon completing a download – quit, sleep, shutdown, or do nothing.

In case you want to move your audio collections across devices, you can do so with AnyTrans for iOS. A handy file transferring app with an in-built media downloader, it helps you flexibly manage downloads – transfer from iPhone to Mac, integrate with iTunes, or copy to any iOS device.

Choose when to download tracks

Downie and Folx have scheduling features, so you can choose when the downloads should take place.

To activate delayed queue start in Downie, go to File > Delayed start and select a custom time slot.

In Folx, click on the menu and choose ‘Manual’ or ’Schedule’. If you choose manual, the download will be set up and then paused and displayed in the main Folx window. You can start it at anytime by clicking the icon to the left of its name. If you want to change a download from manual to scheduled or automatic, you can double-click it in the main window and change the setting in the menu.

If you choose to schedule, files will be downloaded according to the schedule you create in Folx Preferences.

Download a song and set it as a ringtone

If you can’t stand your default phone ringtone anymore, there’s a solution. You can grab any of your favorite songs from the web and transform it into a custom ringtone with Pulltube app.

You can download music to Pulltube by simply dragging the link into the app window, or saving via a browser extension. After you download your file, click on the scissors button below it and enter the Trimming Mode. In the pop-up window, you’ll be able to play the audio and adjust the length of your ringtone. Once you’re ready, hit Trim and save the ringtone.

Create a download schedule

If you want to plan multiple downloads, Folx is there to help. Open Preferences from the Folx menu and click on ‘Scheduler’. Now click on the time slots where you want downloading to take place. When the box changes color, click on it twice so it turns bright green. Scheduled downloads will now take place at that time.

Continue customizing

Once you’ve scheduled, think whether there are any other settings you want to twick. If you use Folx, you can select the number of threads into which you want to split the download. The default is two and for most music files that will be fine. If the file you’re downloading is particularly large, you might want to select a higher number.

Elmedia Player has robust customization options for audio – for instance, you can select audio device and the number of playback channels.

Authenticate if it’s required

If the website needs a username and password, click Authenticate. Click ‘Saved Passwords’ and then ‘Add.’ Choose ‘HTTP or FTP password’ and type in the URL of the login page, your username and your password in the next window that opens. Click Ok.

You’re all set. You can now download free music using Folx from any website that makes it available.

Most of the music you find will be MP3 files, which can be played on your Mac. If the files are in a format that won’t run on your Mac, you can use Permute to convert media.

Download Songs For Mac

You’re all set. You can capture and manage free music downloads using a Mac app that suits your flow.

Setapp lives on Mac and iOS. Please come back from another device.

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