Gang Beasts For Mac Os

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Gang Beasts Mac Os

Gang beasts mac os

Gang Beasts For Mac Os 10.13


Every genre has its party games. Whether you're looking at mass combat assaults, LAN driven RPG releases or even famed Nintendo icons fighting over coins, there's no shortage to choose from. The best among these are made to be laughed at as much as enjoyed, until the very act of losing becomes entertaining. These are games like Gang Beasts, where the sheer hilarity and spectacle of the match often overrides all else.In games like this you're one of four people controlling a monster, ready to throw down against others in an arena. Your task is simply to be the last one left standing at the end of it all, and to take down your foes via any means at your disposal. It's basic stuff, a common goal you would wxpect from just about any game, but the key difference here stems from just how you execute that small detail. You see, you're not throwing combos or fireballs at one another, but more often than not simply stumbling about and slamming into one another.The very act of charging and attacking is difficult in other games like Gang Beasts because your characters are made to effectively be self defeating. Shambling about and crashing into your enemies, it's difficult borderline upon impossible to truly hurt them via simple collisions. The best you can usually accomplish is to floor them with the right attack but even then they will often be up again in seconds. Instead, your main method of dispatching others stems from the environment. Often set above a vast abyss, fiery pit or even spinning bladed machines worthy of a Bond villain, you instead need to use grappling techniques to throw them over the edge, or to even accomplish their end via strange environmental kills.Let's say that you're standing atop of an unstable window cleaner's platform, held aloft only by a few strayed wires. Severing those can you and all those with you falling to your doom, emerging as the 'victor' as you were the last to drop. On others, you can end up throwing someone over a railing only for them to grapple you at the last moment, ending an entire match in a mutual kill. There are stranger things throughout these games, but the opportunities are ever present to do more than just punch your foe into submission.What's more notable than anything else, however, is how many recoveries and reversals games like Gang Beasts offer. Subverting the usual expectation that a fall is an instant death, you can find no small number of means to back up, reverse an attack and then to come back all the stronger. While this runs the risk of dragging out games, it's offset by the oddly unwieldy nature of your fighters, and the sheer environmental risk factor. So, on some occasions a slow reaction can send you falling to your doom, but on others a quick reflex can have you leaping over grinding wheels and back to safety. This makes such games infinitely more fun, as it means that a single attack is by no means a death sentence and it allows room to quickly learn how to play these games even amid more chaotic matches. In other words, something which is perfect for parties.If you enjoy multi-man brawls and can get a laugh out of even your own amusing failures, then take a look below of games similar to Gang Beasts.