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This article explains how to set which extensions are allowed to run in Private Browsing windows.Note: Not all extensions can be allowed in Private Windows.

First, double click 'HKEYCURRENTUSER', then click 'Software', and look for the 'Hola' folder. Once you have found the Hola folder, right click it, and click 'Delete'. Step 3: Remove the Hola system entries. Next, double click 'HKEYLOCALMACHINE', then double click 'SOFTWARE', and look for the 'Hola' folder.

It supports multiple devices including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, etc. As well as Google Chrome and Firefox extensions which makes it the great Hola unblocker alternative. Any VPN software without Kill Switch could spoil the user identity when gets interrupted. Go to a website, click the Hola icon and choose the country you wish to surf from! - Search and add more sites on settings page Hola is a provider of VPN Unblocker technology that provides a faster. Available in over 90 languages, and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux machines, Firefox works no matter what you’re using or where you are. Make sure your operating system is up to date for the best experience. Review system requirements. Put Firefox on all your devices. Please watch: 'CHEAPEST LED MONITOR FOR PC AND CCTV UNBOXING BUDGET LED MONITOR UNDER 5000 HDMI LED MONITOR' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EG7FfuXHOo.

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An extension that runs in private browsing windows could be problematic, if it has access to information you would rather keep private. Firefox lets you decide which extensions are allowed to run in private windows. Additionally, an extension is not enabled for private browsing by default. You must grant it permission, either during installation or later through the extension's settings.

If you do not give an extension permission to run in private browsing, it should still work normally in non-private browsing, unless the extension explicitly uses features that require private browsing access (like opening new tabs in a private window).

Hola Vpn Firefox Plugin

When you install a new extension, you will see a prompt asking if you would like this extension to run in private windows.

If you would like the extension to work in private browsing, click on the box next to Allow this extension to run in Private Windows to add a check mark and then click on the bar.

If you do not want the extension to have access to your data in private browsing windows, leave the box unchecked.

  1. Click the menu button , click Add-ons and select Extensions.
  2. Click on the extension that you would like to manage.
    • This will open a panel where you can manage extension settings.

Underneath the description of the extension, you will see extension settings. Next to Run in Private Windows, select Allow to enable the extension to work in private browsing or select Don’t Allow to disable it in private browsing. Once you have made your selection, you can exit the Add-ons Manager.

In this post of Green Hat Expert, we shall share with you Hola VPN for PC.


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Hola VPN for PC

Hola has become a famous VPN extension which is available in Google Chrome and Firefox. It will enable you to browse unblocked content from different countries including UK and USA. At times, people want to browse the blocked content without using any kind of proxy then you need to get a secure VPN to save you from privacy. There are different VPNs available in the market, you need a secure VPN for browsing. So download Hola VPN for PC and browse in a secure way. Talking about VPN have you tried Turbo VPN?

Hola VPN is devoid of ads and free Google Chrome extension which you can download on your PC or Laptop. You need to download it or get it from Google Chrome store. In addition, Hola extension for PC allows you to increase your internet browsing speed and the browsing will be faster than normal browsing. You can easily get access to blocked videos using this virtual private network. It will allow you to browse blocked content and it will also hide your identity. It does not need any kind of configuration, just install it and that is all.


As you know it is an extension which is free and you can download it easily to your browser. Whether you are using Google Chrome browser or Firefox, it will support VPN software. It also provides additional features which you cannot find in other VPN software or extension.

  • It is easy to Install on your device and as it is an extension you need to have a supported browser to download.
  • It hides your proxy and adds another proxy to your device for safe browsing.
  • Also, increases your browsing speed and gives the best result.
  • You can browse all the blocked content which is not available in your country you can access it from any others countries easily without any errors.
  • It also changes the IP address and unblocks the access to the domain.
  • Prevents from tracking and attempts to your device.
  • Free to use and as great and cheap VPN services which offer higher privacy than other VPN services.


Every user can download it on his browser because Hola VPN is a free extension or software. If your browser supports this extension, you can get Hola VPN for PC or computer easily.

  • You need to have a Google Chrome browser to install Google Chrome Extension or any other browser on PC/Laptop.
  • Search for Hola VPN in the extension which is available in the More Tools tab in the Google Chrome search engine.
  • Search for Hola VPN extension in the search bar. Verify the app icon and then click on it.
  • Now, you can see a label called Add to Chrome in the blue color at the top right.
  • Click on it and it takes some time then you need to check the icon on your browser whether the app is added in the chrome browser or not.

After completing the installation of Hola VPN for PC on Windows 8/7/8.1/10/Vista & Mac Laptop, you can start using the Hola VPN services for free to open your desired websites. Still having problems in the installation? Leave your comment

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