Icloud And Outlook For Mac

In the Calendar subscription dialog box, paste the link that you copied in step 4. Also, enter a unique name for the calendar such as 'iCloud work Calendar', and click Save. You should see the iCloud calendar listed under Other calendars in Outlook on the web. When you have the same account added on Outlook for Mac, this subscribed calendar will also appear in Outlook for Mac calendar.

  • Use the latest version of macOS. Update to the latest version of macOS. Go to Apple menu.
  • No matter what your query is, read this article and find the easiest way to export iCloud emails in the Outlook platform on Mac. Why Users Need to Move Email From iCloud to PST. ICloud provides free storage space up to 5 GB. You can share your data into iCloud such as documents, images, videos, and other files. So, users want to archive all.
  • Outlook for Mac does support iCloud Mail. For steps on how to configure your iCloud email account in Outlook for Mac, go to the More Information section of this article. More information. To configure your Apple iCloud email account in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, follow these steps: Start Outlook for Mac. On the Tools menu, select Accounts.

Is there a method to sync iCloud contacts with Outlook Mac? If you want to know the answer, you can check out the guidance. Actually, you can solve the problem via iCloud.com or the third-party software —Leawo iTransfer for Mac. The specific steps will be illustrated in the following contents. Let’s start to check the ways to import iCloud contacts to Outlook Mac.

Part 1: Sync iCloud Contacts with Outlook Mac from iCloud.com

In fact, you can take advantage of iCloud.com to import iCloud contacts to Outlook Mac. First you need to export iCloud contacts as vCard file and then add it to Outlook Mac. This way is not hard for you to master. Check out the specific steps in the following content to know how to sync iCloud contacts with Outlook Mac via iCloud.com.

Step 1: Export iCloud Contacts as vCard File

1. Navigate to iCloud.com on Mac and log into it with the same Apple ID that you used on iPhone.

2. Select the contacts that you want to import to Outlook Mac and click on “Settings > Export vCard”. The contacts will be exported as a VCF file on Mac for you to check and edit.

Note: VCF file is just the vCard file, and the file name is “*.vcf”.

Step 2: Import vCard File to Outlook Mac

1. If you have a Windows computer, you can launch Outlook on your PC and click on “File > Open & Export > Import/Export”. And then you need to choose “Import from another program or file”. Tap “Next”.

2. In the next panel, you need to choose “Comma Separated Values”. Then click on “Next”. Click on “Browse” to locate the contacts file and then double-click to choose it. Choose the options you need and tap “Next”.

3. In the “Select a destination folder” panel, drag down to the top if you need and click on “Contacts folder > Next”. Finally you need to tap “Finish”.

4. After that, you can log into Outlook Mac with the same account, the contacts will automatically sync to your Outlook Mac.

Note: If you only have a Mac computer, you can also refer to the steps above except the last one.

With the method mentioned above, you can obtain the iCloud contacts in Outlook for Mac. Have a try and you will find it is not difficult at all. If you don’t want to use iCloud.com, you can continue to check the second solution, which will introduce a powerful program to you to assist you.

Part 2: Sync iCloud Contacts to Outlook Mac with Leawo iTransfer for Mac

You may want to know how to sync iCloud contacts with Outlook for Mac with a third-party program as well. This part will tell you how to use Leawo iTransfer for Mac to transfer iCloud contacts to Mac computer, and then upload to Outlook Mac. The detailed steps are in below will help you to get iCloud contacts in Outlook for Mac easily.

Leawo iTransfer for Mac

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Step 1: Sync iCloud Contacts to iPhone

1. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, then click on “Settings > Name/Apple ID” to find iCloud.

2. Tap on “iCloud > Contacts” and all iCloud contacts will be synced to your iPhone.

Download Icloud For Mac

Step 2: Export iPhone Contacts to vCard via Leawo iTransfer

You can take advantage of Leawo iTransfer to export all iCloud contacts that have been synced to your iPhone to vCard. Leawo iTransfer is fairly professional and it can help you to transfer many kinds of files, including movies, contacts, music and etc. You can use this magic program to export files easily without using iTunes. Continue to read and you will get to know how to export iPhone contacts as vCard with Leawo iTransfer.

1. Run Leawo iTransfer and Click on “Contacts” Library

Launch Leawo iTransfer and then connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable. When it detects your iPhone, navigate to “iPhone > LIBRARY > Contacts ” to check all the iCloud contacts on your iPhone.

Icloud Calendar On Outlook For Mac

2. Choose Contacts and Export to vCard

Select the contacts that you want to export to vCard and click on “Export” button. A panel will pop up to ask you to set the output folder on Mac to save contacts and you need to select VCF as the format. Wait until the export process is over. Finally, you can obtain your contacts on Mac as vCard file.

This software is really fantastic and can export files without any difficulty. You can now download this program to prove if my praise on Leawo iTransfer is right. If you have other transfer problems, you can also take advantage of it to help you. It can transfer up to 12 types of files among iDevices, computers, iTunes and so on.

Step 3: Import vCard File to Outlook Mac

You can refer to the step 2 of the first solution to see the specific steps on how to import vCard file to Outlook Mac. After that, you will finally get iCloud contacts in Outlook for Mac.

The two solutions to help you sync iCloud contacts with Outlook Mac are easy to handle. I recommend you use Leawo iTransfer to help you, for it not only can help you to import iCloud contacts to outlook Mac, it can also be used to solve other transfer problems. It will help you a lot in exporting and importing files once you download and install this powerful tool.

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by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2019-07-25 / Update for iCloud Tips

Believe it or not, the advancement of technology might be as much about politics as it is about breaking the limit of what's possible with the available tools. One example is the interconnectivity. Big companies are preaching about moving everything to the cloud and using our devices as tools to access the data. It means that one platform should be able to sync seamlessly to another.

And yet, even with all these evolution and progress, many people still can't believe that Microsoft still hold back and doesn't allow it's Mac version of flagship calendar application - Outlook - to sync with Apple's iCloud Calendar on the Mac. While on the other hand, users can sync their iCloud Calendar with Outlook on their PC, which is practically the same thing.

Everybody screams for Microsoft to add the feature, but for one or the other reasons that we don't know, the MS Office maker still refuses to do so.

There are lots of people who work with both Mac and Windows and it will be an inconvenience if you need to do everything in your calendar twice - one in the Mac's iCloud Calendar, and one more time in Windows' Outlook, just because Microsoft doesn't want to allow Outlook for Mac to support iCloud Calendar. If you are both the users of Mac iCloud Calendar and MS Outlook, there's no way to sync the two together.Or is it?

The Non-Elegant Way

First, we need to accept that there is no elegant way to enable the sync between iCloud Calendar with Outlook for Mac. There are, however, non-elegant alternatives.

The root problem with this non-compatibility issue is that Outlook for Mac doesn't support Apple iCloud calendar (CalDAV) and contact (CardDAV) synchronization. To fix the problem, we need to overcome the limitation.

Hosting Your Own CalDav and CardDAV Server

One solution is hosting your own CalDAV and CardDAV server using the free package Baïkal Server, but this requires some expertise and unfortunately, there's no easy way available yet.

Icloud Outlook Mac Authentication Failed

Using Google Calendar


The easier, non-techie way is to use third-party calendar service as an intermediary between Outlook for Mac and iCloud Calendar. One obvious choice is Google Calendar. You would want to sync both your Outlook for Mac and iCloud Calendar to Google Calendar to make all data available on both end.

Or to simplify the process, you can totally ditch both Outlook for Mac and iCloud Calendar and totally move to Google Calendar.

Using Windows Outlook

If you have access to a Windows computer, you can sync the iCloud Calendar data to the Windows version of Outlook, and sync the data between Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac.

Care for Your iPhone on Mac

Messing with your Calendar data comes with the risk of losing it, and it's not fun losing data that you've build across a long time. So you need to protect the data at all cost. One app that can help you with the task is iCareFone for Mac.

Outlook For Mac Icloud Contacts

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