Keyboard Mouse For Mac Mini

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Best Keyboard And Mouse For Mac Mini

Wireless MINI Mouse and Keyboard Set for 2009 Mac Mini OS7 OS 7 FSV Sx. Wireless Mouse with Number Pad & Keyboard for Apple Mac Mini model A1103 FSV Sx. Wireless MINI Keyboard and Mouse Set for Apple I-Mac A1224 Computer WT US. Your device isn't recognized by your Mac. Follow these steps if your mouse, keyboard, or trackpad.

Keyboard Mouse Combo For Mac Mini

Sometime a Mac can't pickup the connection of a bluetooth keyboard or mouse is normal. Whatever your Mac is brand new or not.

I will do the following if the brand new Mac can't pickup the bluetooth connection, but make sure the bluetooth keyboard and mouse is not yet paired with other computer, that means you have to un-pair the keyboard and mouse from your MacBook before you perform the follow step:

- Switch off the Mac

- Switch off the Keyboard and Mouse which not yet paired with other computer, remove its battery, and re-install the battery after 10 seconds

Keyboard And Mouse For Mac Mini

- Switch on the Keyboard and Mouse first, make sure both devices have a green light flashes (the light flashed at intervals, like a pulse **...**...sorry my poor English), that means the devices is discoverable.

- Switch on the Mac asap if all the bluetooth keyboard and mouse is ready, and let the Mac pair both device (according the screen instruction)

If the method still doesn't work, the worst case is: i'm afraid you have to connect wired keyboard and mouse to finish the Setup Assistant, and pair both bluetooth devices by Bluetooth Preferences. Once both bluetooth devices connected, disconnect wired keyboard and mouse.

May 15, 2011 7:07 PM