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  1. Other compiled by snifferdog (Lame encoder 3.99.5 together with the LIBMPG123 decoder 1.12.1), - another one compiled by Thalictrum (Lame 3.99.5 and 3.97) - and last one (LAME 3.98.2), compatible with Audacity and which will run on both PowerPC and Intel powered Mac was compiled by Paul Sanders.
  2. Step 5: Double click the Lame Library v3.98.2 for Audacity.pkg that appears on your screen to begin the installation process. Step 6: “Welcome to the LAME Library v3.98.2 for Audacity Installer” - Click “Continue” to start the installation process.

Lame MP3 for Audacity is one of the best free softwares for encoding mp3 files with high quality sound. Fun and easy to use, it's fit for all kinds of sound and music processing, from editing to audio recording. Lame is available for both Windows and Mac. LAME is free, but in some countries you may need to pay a license fee in order to legally encode MP3 files. For Audacity 1.3.3 on Windows: For Audacity 1.3.3 on Mac OS X (Intel or PPC), or Audacity 1.2.6 on Mac OS X (Intel): For Audacity 1.2.6 on Mac OS X (PPC).

As more and more members continue to inquire about, sign up for and put AudioAcrobat to the test, there continues to be a rising need for an inexpensive audio editing software solution. This ever-increasing interest in the removal of unwanted noises (coughing, intro/exit chimes, etc.) and unnecessary introductions/endings lends itself quite well to our #1 audio editing recommendation … Audacity.

In today’s posting we will take our readers through the steps of downloading, installing and setting up Audacity (yes, this includes Lame) for use on Mac OS X.

Lame_enc.dll Audacity For Mac

For this tutorial, our readers will see snapshots of Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), as installed on a MacBook Pro.

Where to get it … fast and cheap.

There are plenty of impostors out there on the web pushing their ‘free’ audio editing software. Some may even tell you that it’s Audacity, but don’t be fooled. There is one tried and true location to pick up your free download of Audacity, and that location has been, is and will continue to be in the foreseeable future

Once the page has loaded, our readers will want to click the link for Mac OS X, as shown here:

When clicked, your internet browser may prompt you to open/save the file. If given the option, go ahead and click ‘Save’.

Once downloaded, our readers can pull up their “Downloads” folder from the Mac OS X taskbar at the bottom of their screen. Click the Audacity .dmg file to begin installation.

Here, our readers will want to copy the Audacity folder and paste the folder into the “Applications” folder (using Finder often helps).

Once pasted into the “Applications” folder, our readers can click the “Audacity” folder under “Applications”.

The folder will expand to display an Audacity program icon. Go ahead and click the icon to launch the Audacity program.

Lame For Audacity Mac Os

If the message seen below appears, our readers will want to make sure to select “Open” in order to continue.

To recap, Audacity has now been installed and is setup to perform a variety of audio editing tasks. However, a very common question will arise when new Audacity users are ready to output their 1st edited file in the MP3 format.

Audacity for mac os x

For training purposes, we’ll skip ahead to setting up Lame within Audacity, thus allowing for MP3 output from the software. Here are some quick steps to follow along with:

Note: Make sure to have an audio file open before starting this walk-through; otherwise ‘Export’ will not be an available selection.

1. File >> Export

Audacity download mac version

2. Format >> MP3 Files >> Save

3. Edit Metadata >> OK

4. Click “Download”

A new window should launch in our readers’ internet browser, allowing the user to click the hyperlink below to download Lame.

Make sure to select the version shown below for Mac OS X.

Once downloaded, our readers can pull up their “Downloads” folder from the Mac OS X taskbar at the bottom of their screen. Click the Lame .dmg file to begin installation.

Audacity For Mac 10.6.8

A folder containing the Lame .pkg file should appear. Go ahead and double-click the .pkg file to continue installation.

5. Install Lame

6. Click “OK”

7. Pat yourself on the back >> Job well done!


Now, for each further export of an MP3 file, Lame is in place to make your request possible!

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Coming up next … embedding AudioAcrobat players on a self-hosted WordPress site!

Lame for Audacity is one of the best software for encoding mp3 files, which is free to download. It is compatible to all kinds of music and sound processing. Also, it gives so much fun to use from editing to the audio recording. And now, let’s start the exploration of how you can download and install lame. For more of the Audacity lessons, don’t forget to visit the Audacity website.

The Lame download includes two files. The one is Lame.exe: an mp3 encoding directory used for CD playback. And the other one is the Lame-enc.dll (ICL 11,1). This file is usable from the Windows database “.regedit.”

Lame’s latest version includes MPEG 1, 2, and 2.5. The new layers of VBR ABR and CBR encodings; and a free encoding engine. Besides, encoding is faster if your computer is well-equipped with at least a Pentium 4 processor or higher. The powerful audio presets will let you minimize noise interference.

Do you want to have all that it takes to manage Audacity like a pro? Check out our articles on how to use Audacity and Audacity remove background noise. You will surely be amazed how easy you can do it even the noise gate Audacity or how to autotune in Audacity.

  • 4 Libraries Preferences

    Download Lame for Audacity

    The latest version of Audacity does not run on Chrome OS. Although not officially supported, you can run Audacity on a Chromebook under the Chrome version for Linux Ubuntu.

    We wanted to give the best help for you to maximize your usage of Audacity. So click the button below to download Lame for Audacity on your device.

    Download lame for audacity

    How to install?

    There is nothing so special about the installation of Lame for Audacity. After you download the file, click on it and install it on your computer. Keep on hitting the “Next” button until you finish. And that’s it to install Lame mp3 encoder. However, below are the steps on how to use and start the encoding of the file to mp3 format:
    • Open the Audacity and click on “Edit”
    • Go to the “Preferences”
    • Look for the tab labelled as “File Formats” and then click on “Find Library” button
    • Look for “lame_enc.dll“ which you can find under “C:program fileslame for audacity“ select and click the “Open” to continue
    • There are optional settings in the Audacity “Preferences.” There you can change the bit rate. Once you are done customizing the bit rate, you can now proceed in clicking “OK” to get back to the main Audacity screen
    • Click the “File” and “Export to mp3”
    • Save the file. The Audacity will require you to enter the ID3 tags for the artist’s name and title of the song. Click “Ok” to begin the encoding process of the file to mp3 format

    Lame for Audacity Windows

    You can either download or compile then install a compatible version of the Lame mp3 encoder. Locate Lame in library preferences after installation. Mostly, Linux distributions have a sort of package manager that identifies, fetches software packages from the web, and installs them for you. Once you open the package manager, locate Lame then install it if it is not yet installed.

    Libraries Preferences

    Some distributions like the Ubuntu(Current) package for Audacity with mp3 encoding and Libav linked to the relevant system Libraries. In the already packaged Audacity builds, you don’t have to locate LAME or FFmpeg as there are no libraries preferences for Audacity.

    If you compile Audacity from source code, you can remove libraries’ preferences by configuring Audacity; Disable > Dynamic > Encoding. Finally, build Audacity that is linked to the LAME system. Also, you can locally compile FFmpeg or Libav if you so desire.

    Can’t find MP3 Lame Library?

    Mostly, Audacity locates the Lame Library automatically. The steps below are useful if the Lame option exists in Library preferences, and you also have a compatible version of Lame that is not installed in a standard location.

    1. Launch audacity, select edit > Preferences > Libraries on the list to the left side
    2. From the mp3 Export Library, a Lame version number displays to the right side of mp3. If LAME has been detected, you should export mp3 and skip the instructions below. However, if the mp3 Library states, “Not Found,” follow the steps below.
    3. Tap on the locating tab to the right of the mp3 Library
    4. On the dialog that appears, “Locate Linux” then select Browse
    5. A dialog box with “Where is, tap Open, > OK then OK to close Preferences.

    Looking for an Audacity alternative? We also have it! You may also explore the Audacity VST enabler to use Audacity much better.

    Final Thoughts

    Audacity is widely used as a free audio editor and mp3 as the audio codec. Although both do not work together, from the beginning, there are many mp3 encoders on the web. Lame is one of the best but you have to make it work with Audacity.

    If you have any questions about Lame, please leave them in the comment box below. We will be grateful to know where we can improve our posts.

    Audacity On Mac

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