Mouse For Mac Os X

Mouse For Mac Os XMouse For Mac Os X

Nothing is more annoying than a laggy and slow mouse, especially when you are in a mood to get some serious work done. In this article, we are showing you the steps to fix a laggy mouse on Mac.

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Mouse for mac os x el capitan

Fix Laggy or Slow Mouse on Mac

The issue of a laggy or slow mouse on Mac could be due to a variety of reasons, ranging from weak batteries, a faulty mouse and incorrect settings to software related issues.

Hence, we are listing below a number of ways to fix laggy or slow mouse on Mac, starting with the simplest methods like replacing the batteries on the Mouse, before moving onto more complex methods.

You can try these methods in sequence or jump to any particular method/methods that you believe are more likely to help in your case.

Check Mouse and Mouse Pad

Examine your Mouse and make sure that no debris/dirt is stuck in the laser opening of the Mouse, located at the bottom of the Mouse. Also, take a good look at the Mouse Pad and see if it needs to be replaced (Worn out, Dirty).

Mac os mouse pointer

Replace Batteries

One of the most common reason for laggy or slow Mouse on Mac is due to the Batteries on the Mouse being weak. Hence, simply replace the battery on the Mouse of your Mac with a new one and see if it helps in fixing the problem

Change USB Port

Another common reason is the USB port of the Mac not playing well with your Plug & Play Mouse due to some technical glitch. To rule out this possibility, plug the mouse into another USB port and see if it starts working better.

In case you are using a USB Hub, try plugging the mouse directly into the USB Port of your Mac and see if the problem is gone.

Restart Mac

The most common troubleshooting tip is to restart your device and see if it starts working properly after restarting. This simple tip is based on the fact that restarting a computer can often help it recover from stuck programs and minor software glitches which might be causing problem s on the device.

1. Click on Apple Logo from the top menu bar on your Mac and then click on Restart from the dropdown menu.

Is Your Mouse Defective ?

Follow the steps below, to rule the possibility of the Mouse being defective.

1. Plug in another Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse into your Mac.

If the new mouse works perfectly fine than chances are that your mouse is defective and needs to be replaced.

2. Now, plug the Mouse into another computer (Preferably a Windows computer).

If the Mouse is still not working, it confirms that the Mouse is defective. If you recently bought the mouse, return or exchange it as soon as possible.

Fix Slow Mouse On Mac Using System Preferences

In case you find that the cursor is dragging or moving slowly, it is most likely that the tracking speed of the mouse has been set to a low value on your Mac.

1. Click on the Apple Icon from the top left corner of your screen and then click on System Preferences… in the dropdown menu.

2. On the System Preferences screen, click on the Mouse icon (See image below)

3. On the next screen, adjust both the tracking speed and scrolling speed by moving their respective sliders to the right (See image below)

The change takes effect immediately, start using your Mouse and see if it feels faster than it was before. In case the Mouse has become too fast, play around with the sliders, until you get the right tracking speed.

Fix Slow Mouse on Mac by Turning Off Handoff Feature

Some users have reported that turning off the handoff feature on Mac has resolved the problem of a slow or laggy mouse.

Mouse For Mac Os X

1. Click on the Apple icon from the top left corner of your screen and then click on System Preferences… in the dropdown menu.

2. On the System Preferences screen, click on General.

3. On the General settings screen, uncheck the option for Allow handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.

Unplug and Move Other Wireless Devices Near your Mac

Sometimes the problem of a laggy or slow mouse is due to interference from other Bluetooth devices that are close to your Mac.

1. Disconnect all the wireless devices (including your mouse) from your Mac.

2. Next, Turn OFF the Bluetooth option on your Mac

3. Move all the disconnected wireless devices away from your Mac

4. Now, plug the Mouse back into the Mac and enable Bluetooth on your Mac.

See if this method has improved the speed and performance of the Mouse.


NVRAM which stands for Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory stores the settings of external devices connected to Mac. It is quite possible that the reason for laggy or Slow Mouse on your Mac is due to its corrupted NVRAM.

You can follow the steps mentioned in this article to Reset NVRAM on your Mac: How to Reset NVRAM or PRAM on Mac

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While installing macOS, you might have faced issue that the Keyboard and the Mouse doesn't works. There's no response from both the Devices. This is generally caused by no kext present for Keyboard and Mouse, and USB not being working and active.
So here's a quick guide to fix Keyboard and Mouse when installing. The fix works for USB and PS2 interface. On Laptops, the keyboards are generally PS/2 so you can use this guide if the keyboard isn't working.
Get Device Information
The very first step is to get the device information. The device information is basically a manufacturer name and model no.
You can use Device Manager in Windows to get the information
Download VoodooPS2Controller
The next step is to download the required kext to enable the hardware.
Note :
  • Download the latest version for better support.

Mac Os Mouse Download

Mounting the EFI Partition and placing kext
  1. Mount your EFI partition of your USB
  2. Copy VoodooPS2Controller.kext from Release folder downloaded above.
  3. Navigate to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other and place the both the kexts to this location.

Mouse Driver For Mac Os X

Notes :
  • If the kext is already present in the directory, replace them with a new version
After making all the necessary changes, restart and boot to the installation.
If the Keyboard and Mouse doesn't work follow the steps below.
Fixing USB Ports
If the devices are still not working, there's issue with the USB ports.
To fix the USB ports, follow the guide here:
Make the necessary changes and boot off your system. The devices should work now.

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Microsoft Mouse For Mac

Wireless Mouse For Mac

  • While installing Clover Bootloader, if you've installed 'AppleKeyFeeder-64' this can cause issue with the keyboard functioning. You'll need to remove it to prevent further errors.
  • If the PS/2 Keyboard doesn't works, install PS2MouseDxe-64 from Clover Bootloader.