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Many LG users demand for a one-stop data manager program for their LG G4/G3/G3 Vigor/G2/G Vista/G Vista™/ G FLEX2 and so on. They hope to manage data, transfer files, backup and restore phones, etc. easily with one setup , which is like Kies for Samsung users, iTunes for iOS users, and so on. Now their dream comes true! LG PC Suite, a program for managing everything on LG mobile phone, is available!

Download LG PC Suite for MAC and Windows. This article describes about LG mobile phones, and the use of pc suites regarding them. It will also discuss 2 pc suites for LG. Download and try the best LG PC suite. Read More Posted by Christine Smith. Download LG Bridge PC Suite For Windows & Mac OS: Official LG Bridge pc suite is here for any LG devices. If you are a LG Smartphone user and searching a way to mange the content of your LG device wirelessly then LG pc suite is perfect solution for you. Moreover, LG Smartphone user can Download LG Bridge PC Suite For Windows & Mac OS Backup/Upgrade/Manage Read More ». LG PC Suite for PC – LG PC Suite is a Desktop manager for your LG Android smartphone. This Freeware Drivers app, was build by LG Electronics Inc. And yesterday, updated to the new version at March, 28th 2018. Download LG PC Suite App Latest Version. LG PC Suite is freeware that officially released by LG group and used for syncing LG mobile phones with PC. It supports USB and bluetooth, and be able to easily backup and restore the data in a LG cell phone or a PC. LG PC Suite allows you to synchronize your calendar and contacts between computers and mobile phones, and enables you to create. Description: LG Drivers for Mac resolves connection issues between LG Android Smartphone / Tablet and Mac. Once the LG USB Drivers are installed on Mac, all the USB connection issues will be resolved, be it transferring files between Mac and the device, or debugging over ADB and Fastboot. Without LG USB Driver for Mac, LG Firmware Flashing tools like LGUP Tool will not be able to detect the.


Top 5 Features of LG PC Suite

1. Mobile Data Manager
LG PC Suite is a mobile data manager program for LG phones. You can delete old data, add new files, and move mobile files with the software on your computer.
2. Transfer and Sync LG Files
Suite LG PC suite is able to sync and transfer data between LG smartphone and your Windows/Mac computer. The program allows you to send media contents between LG and the computer, such as photos, music, and videos. However, the program does not support call log and message transmission. So, if you are intended to transfer call logs and messages, turn to Phone Transfer.
3. Back Up and Restore LG Data
LG PG Suite is capable of backing up mobile data to computer. If you are too unfortunate to lose your mobile data, you can restore it with a previous backup. If you haven’t made a backup, you can recover your deleted files with Android Data Recovery.
4. Upgrade LG Operating System
Once you plug your LG device into the phone, the program will detect whether the operating system is the latest version. Then you can upgrade your LG operating system with the help of the program.
5. Media Player
Besides, LG PC Suite also acts as a media player that allows you to smoothly play songs, movies, TV series, videos, music videos etc on your computer from a portable device.
Download and Manual of LG PC Suite

Lg Pc Suite For Mac

Go to LG official website where you can download LG PC Suite. Then you can find your version of the program by selecting your model (Instead of LG PC Suite, LG Bridge will be recommended to LG G4). After installing, you can connect your phone to the computer and start the journey.
LG PC Suite is a one-in-all tool to manage your LG data. However, some users complain that they cannot connect their phone to the program. During the test, I also encounter the same issue. If you also come across such situation, you can turn to other programs. You can transfer LG files with Phone Transfer, back up data with Android Transfer, and restore your phone via Android Data Recovery.

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Pc suite lg for mac windows 10


Visually, your phone and your PC do appear to be two separate entities. However, in this modern era, that's hardly the case with any incident, let alone two electronic devices. This article deals with how your Samsung phone and your PC can connect and work in unison through Samsung PC suites.

Samsung PC Suite: How Devices Connect to PC

So the question arises: how do the aforementioned Samsung devices connect to PC? This is where a Samsung PC suite comes to play.

A PC suite's function is to connect mobile devices to PC through a USB cable or wirelessly by Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. It allows you to transfer and manage files on PC. Connected devices can handle shareable data any way preferable, granted the function is featured within the suite's functionality. Samsung PC suites are nothing different and serve the same purpose.

Obviously, you need a suite that serves your purpose the best. Here's a list of PC suites that are considered the best of the year for Samsung:

1. Samsung Messages Backup

Let's start with Samsung Messages Backup. This Samsung PC suite offers the best flexibility when it comes to quick backing up, modifying and transferring data from Samsung to the computer or from your computer to Samsung.

Free download Samsung Messages Backup:

Here's the primary interface of Samsung Messages Backup. It is easy to use for everyone.


- Connect your Samsung device to PC via USB cable/Wi-Fi.

- No restriction over the file types.

- View the available data contained within your Samsung phone.

- Import, export, modify, add or delete any file from your PC.

- Draw up new contacts from the computer desktop and export them for printing out.

- Read SMS on PC, write new messages and send it to a third mobile phone on your computer.

- Wholesome backup Samsung devices to PC.

- Restore Samsung devices from PC with 1 Click.

Supported Files:

- Any kind of files, including contacts, call logs, SMS, videos, audio, photos, apps, etc.


- Almost all Android devices on the market, including Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S7/S6, Galaxy Note9/8/7/6, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A6, and so on.

Lg Pc Suite For Mac Free Download

- Work perfectly on other Android devices as well, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc.

- For PC, it supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Pc Suite Lg For Mac Os

- For Mac, it is friendly to Mac OS X 10.7 or later. So it can be used to connect Samsung or other Android devices to Mac.


- Extremely versatile.

- Backup your whole phone with the 1-Click Back & Restore feature under Super Toolkit.

- Fluently works as a connective node between phone and computer.

- Easy to use.


- The full version is not free.

2. Samsung Kies

If transferring data from Samsung device to PC is your prime intention then Samsung Kies would be a good choice.


- Connect Samsung phone to PC via USB.

- Specialize at Samsung data transferring.

- Can connect with MS Outlook to create synchronized contact, schedule and calendar. Or, use the built-in Personal Information Management (PIM) in absence of Outlook.

- Easy to use.

- Update the official firmware for Samsung devices.

Supported Files:

- Videos, audio, photos, contacts, bookmarks, general settings, and calendars. However, doesn't support text files like SMS.


- Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP or Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.7.


- Brand specific and supports any Samsung model, old or new.

- Handy Import/Export feature to facilitate data transferring.

- Free.

Pc Suite Lg For Mac Windows 10


- Problematic to use with Windows 10.

- Require 1 GB free RAM to work.

- Work slowly.

3. Samsung New PC Studio

Samsung New PC Studio allows you to sync, backup and transfer data from Samsung device to Windows computer easily.


- Connect Samsung phone to PC via USB cable/infrared/Bluetooth.

- View contents directly from your PC.

- Features the Drag & Drop function.

- Features a media player/viewer for previewing.

- Can carry through related media programs like playlists.

- Edit/make content and publish online (YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr).

- Synchronize files between Samsung Galaxy and the computer.

- Sync files from your Samsung Galaxy to MS Outlook.

Supported Files:

- Audio, videos, photos, contacts, text messages, to-do lists, calendar, schedules.


- Compatible with any Samsung phone.

- Support Windows 7/XP/2000/ computer.


- Easy to use.

- Versatile media manager.

- Direct online handling.

- Free.


- Doesn't work with Windows 10.

- Comparatively big download.

4. MOBILedit

MOBILedit is can be used as a Samsung PC suite that helps you manage files on the PC desktop.

Pc Suite Lg For Mac


- Connect Samsung phone to PC via USB cable/infrared/Bluetooth.

- Manage contacts, text messages, and other files on the desktop.

- Backup Samsung files to PC.

- Delete duplicated contacts from your Samsung phone.

- Backup contacts and text messages from Samsung to cloud storage.

Supported Files:

Pc Suite Lg For Mac Pro

- Support contacts, call logs, SMS, videos, audio, photos, apps, etc.


- Compatible with Windows Vista or later.

Pc Suite Lg Mac


- Compatible with almost all Samsung phone models and other brands.

- Full content access and management.

- Concise UI designed.


- You need to pay for the full version.

5. SnapPea

SnapPea is a free PC suite allows you to manage your Samsung Galaxy on the desktop.


- Connect your Samsung device to the PC with USB cable/Wi-Fi.

- Send, edit, receive or delete text messages on PC desktop directly.

- Add/remove/modify contacts on the computer.

- Sync iTunes music to Samsung phone.

- Download/transfer media files, books, and apps.

- Allow you to access to the stores like Google Play.

Lg pc suite for mac free download

- Backup and restore your Samsung phone.

Supported Files:

- Contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, music, and apps.


- Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.


- Easy apps management.

- All-around store access.

- Support to manage files on a browser.

- Free.


- Can not completely backup all the Samsung files.

- To enable the Wi-Fi connection, you need to install the Android mobile app.

Write in The End:

These are the 5 PC suites of Samsung that you mustn't miss during 2019. Hopefully, one or the other will meet your needs. You can free download the software on your PC and have a try. How do you think of these 5 Samsung PC suites? Please leave your comments below.

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