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Best Software to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows Our photos contain lots of cherished moments. However, most of us hardly bother to save them in different storage media or on the internet so that we have a backup copy in case the images stored in a particular media gets corrupted.

  1. Recover Android Photos, Videos, Music Android Data Recovery Mac is capable of recovering deleted photos, videos, music, and other multimedia files from Android phones & tablets on your Mac. How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android on Mac; How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6.
  2. Photo Recovery for Mac is a very powerful tool which can help you recover deleted or lost photos from your hard drive, sd card and camera. It's very easy to use.
  3. MiniTool photo recovery software is designed with free but outstanding photo recovery solutions, which can help recover lost photos from different types of digital cameras as well as storage devices. Apart from photo recovery, it also supports video recovery, audio recovery, and other media file recovery. On different operating platforms, MiniTool offers different photo recovery apps.
  4. Android photo recovery can be done without any hassle here, regardless of the brands and models of your Android phone, like Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows phone, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, etc. The photo and video recovery software can work well with both Windows and Mac computers. It can get back the photos, videos, and audios you deleted.

There are two recovery modes for your option: Lost File Recovery and Raw Recovery
Lost File Recovery: It allows you to recover files deleted by Command + Delete, or emptied from Trash, and lost files from formatted or corrupted partitions. This recovery mode is recommended first. It enables you to recover lost data with original file names and folder structures.

Raw Recovery: If Lost File Recovery cannot find your wanted files, you can try Raw Recovery, but the recovered files here have no original names and folder structure.

Step.1:Choose disk/partition and file type and scan

After entering the Lost File Recovery/Raw Recovery, choose the disk or partition where you lost your files and click 'Scan' to find lost data.

If you want to find lost data as many as you can, you can enable the “Deep Scan” at the bottom. Also you can use the “Select File Kind”/“Filter Option” to refine the scan result, if you have target file type to find.

Note:In the process of scan, if you have already found the photos that you need, you can click 'Stop' button to stop the scanning, and go direct to the next step.

Step.2: Preview and recover photos, video and audio files

For Lost File Recovery, if you remember the file name, you can search the file by its name to find the target photos precisely in a short time.

For Raw Recovery, you can sort the file list according to size and date.

Caution: The scan results are temporary in memory. If you click 'Home', the scan results will be lost

Step.3:Select a recovery path to save the recoverable data

Select or enter a directory to save the photos, videos and music files that you need. For Lost File Recovery, you can recover with original directory. Also you can enter a new entry by yourself.

Note:We highly suggest that you should select a directory that is located in a different partition from the source partition.

Photo recovery for android on mac computer

You’re in the process of tinkering with your Android device. Suddenly, you delete an image or several images accidentally. Fear not, you can always get an affordable photo recovery app. This state-of-the-art software helps Android users get back erased images from the hard drive, Secure Digital (SD) or memory cards, and digital cameras.

Primary Reasons for Deleted Images on Android

Before getting these photo recovery apps and software, you should first understand the common causes of photo deletion:

  • Hasty removal of memory cards
  • Memory card formatting error
  • Unexpected power failure during the copying process
  • Virus attack that corrupts images
  • Incorrect ejection of memory card
  • Accidental pressing of delete option
  • Using one card for several gadgets
  • Clicking photos continuously without pauses
  • Ignoring full memory and low battery warnings

Top 10 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android

Now that you know the causes, it’s time to find out relevant information regarding the top 10 Android photo recovery apps and software.

1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger undeletes and helps restore deleted photos from the internal memory or memory card. You may upload recovered files to Dropbox and Google Drive. Or, send these files through email. Save files to another local folder in the Android device.

For devices that are not rooted, the software performs limited scanning for the images by searching thumbnails and cache. For rooted devices, the application searches the entire memory for photos and videos. Rooting refers to the process allowing users to gain root access to the Android OS code. One click to root your Android device with the 5 best rooting Apps for Android.


2. Deleted Photo Recovery

This recover deleted pictures can from the phone or external storage. It restores images to the gallery. The app scans directories and subdirectories for erased images. However, the operation consumes time depending om phone performance and storage size. Some of this app’s benefits include the following:

  • Scanning of all storage to include SD card
  • Beautiful User Interface (UI) design
  • Quick performance
  • Supports JPEG, JPG, and PNG

3. DigDeep Image Recovery

The DigDeep Image photo recovery app searches SD cards as well as internal storage for restoration. This application scans files and folders for the lost images. Once the scan is completed, users will see a new screen that contains folders. Each one has the photos from specific locations. Check images for recovery and press the restore button. The dialog will tell you where to find these images. Users don’t need to root their phones.

4. Dumpster Recycling Bin

The terms seems odd. Yet, Dumpster can restore images from Android. It is known as the number one Android recycling bin with more than 20 million downloads. With Dumpster, you can recover apps and other media files within seconds. Recovery and backup of files don’t pose a problem. The lock functionality secures images, videos, and files. It comes available with premium accounts.


Users can restore deleted photos immediately. Just notify the recycle bin and click the image you want undeleted. This will return to your device right away. Dumpster contains secure and flexible cloud storage. The software frees up storage space in your mobile phone. There’s an extra bonus of free customized themes, application-lock capabilities, and free ads.

Free Photo Recovery Software Mac

5. Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery provides the answer on how to recover deleted photos from Android. This app has the capability to retrieve deleted, lost, and hidden pictures on your Android phone. No root is required. This free application includes essential features:

  • Two different recovery algorithms
  • Advanced process of browsing files
  • Preview of recovered images
  • Transfer and uploading of files

6. Restore Image (Super Easy)

Photo Recovery Software Mac

Android users who want to learn how to get deleted photos back should opt for Restore Image (Super Easy). Just look at its unique attributes:

  • The app assures effortless retrieval of images
  • No technical knowledge or rooting is needed
  • Users don’t need any backup data
  • You don’t have to use a personal computer
  • Restoring the image from the mobile phone or SD card is possible
  • It is compatible to JPG and PNG
  • The tool comes free

To use this Android photo recovery software, follow these steps: Choose your folder > Find the lost images > Press Start button to restore deleted photos.

7. Recycle Master

Recycle Master refers to an effective image recovery app. You can install the application to upload the recycle bin in your Android device. It activates the file recovery feature. All your files are backed up in the bin. See to it that you use the lock app with a secret password. External viewers can only view the content if they know this password.

Auto Clean enables automatic cleaning for useless files. It is possible to schedule cleaning weekly, monthly, or by season. Once you have installed Recycle Master, it can be used as dumpster for unwanted files (documents and images). You can recover them from this bin.

8. Free Android Data Recovery

Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software is a free deleted photos recovery software for android phones and tablets. It contains multiple features such as the following:

  • Retrieve lost and deleted messages, contacts. Images, videos, audio, call log, Viber, and WhatsApp conversations
  • Compatible with a variety of Android devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Google Pixel, Motorola, OnePlus, etc
  • Supports Windows and Mac platforms minus the compatibility issues
  • Supports data loss due to accidental removal, restoration of factory settings, virus attacks, crashes of software, Android system upgrade, etc
  • Contains sophisticated data scan systems and potent anti-deletion ability

Photo Recovery For Android On Mac Os

User-friendly feature with these steps:

  1. Download, install and run this free photo recovery software on the computer.
  2. Enable USB debugging and connect the Android device to your PC.
  3. Preview, scan, and retrieve deleted photos from Android.

9. RePicvid Photo Recovery

This software is meant for easy picture recovery. It also saves deleted audio and video files. With RePicvid, users simply choose a disk for scanning, preview, and retrieval. Scanning is done through read-only process thereby preserving the data. You can get back erased images regardless of the reason. It complements all storage devices such as Windows and Mac PC, SSD, External hard drive, USB, Memory. Flash and SD cards, iPod, Digital camera, and Camcorder.

Featuring a super toolkit and advanced settings, this photo recovery software various kinds of audio and video media files as well as images. The first option ensures professional programs for faster and effective recovery. The second means you can choose certain files to make scanning faster.

10. iReparo for Android

Choose iReparo if you want a good photo recovery software. This application supports popular Android devices such as Google, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, HTC, and Motorola. It is also compatible with the latest Android OS (Version 8.1). To avoid problems, stop using the Android phone after losing data or files. Otherwise, the new data will overwrite any deleted photo or content. It reduces the likelihood of recovery.

Choose the category of data or specific file for scanning. Connect the Android phone to your computer. Utilize the USB debugging system and authorize your PC before proceeding to the next step. Scan your android. The final step is to identify the data you want retrieved.

Wrapping Up

You have just previewed the 10 leading photo recovery applications and software. Your next and final step is to make a choice depending on ease of use, efficiency, and desired outcome.

Photo Recovery For Android On Macbook

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