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Puffin Secure Browser checks your requests to access a website by performing DNS queries on a secure network of servers around the globe. Our DNS service leverages threat intelligence from the industry’s leading cyber security companies to determine whether a. Download Puffin Browser For PC: Download Bluestacks app Player https://goo.gl/.

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Cloud based JavaScript engine to isolate malicious code
Javascript has become more powerful and dangerous. That's why Puffin creates 4 isolation layers. Puffin's JavaScript engine runs inside a browser sandbox. The sandbox is wrapped inside an exclusive session. The session resides in another container. Last, the container is hosted on a remote Puffin server, which is far away from your PC. It's safe to execute JavaScript code with Puffin browser.
Cloud based Flash engine to display Flash content safe and fast
Directly accessing Adobe Flash content is unsafe as it may perform unintended and even harmful operations on your device. Puffin shifts Flash content to our cloud, blocking all dangerous activities, encoding the screen into a pure video, and pushing it back to your local Puffin app for viewing.
Cloud isolated sandbox to protect your device from malicious websites
Our cloud server creates an isolated sandbox for each of its connected sessions. This one-time sandbox is used to process web pages and other resources – including any malware code – far away from your device. The sandbox and all in-memory resources will be discarded at the end of the connected session.
Fully encrypted network traffic
Both Puffin's server and Puffin's app enforce end-to-end encryption for its connections, and Puffin delivers all messages in its proprietary protocol. It’s extremely difficult for hackers to sniff your real content. The server will automatically terminate its connections with its app if it detects the data package has been manipulated by 3rd party.
Zero footprint isolation – no HTML files will be passed to your endpoint from our cloud.
In a worst-case scenario, infected web servers may send malicious codes (HTML files) to unsuspecting browsers, which could execute malicious codes and jeopardize the system. Unlike others, Puffin uses a proprietary protocol, not HTML, for client-server communications.
Dedicated client app – no risk of executing any malicious code accidentally.
Puffin's client app is a dedicated thin client app for remote browsing, and it connects to a remote Puffin server in the cloud to receive rendering commands. Puffin uses a proprietary protocol, not HTML, for client-server communications, and Puffin's client cannot execute any JavaScript or any HTML codes.
Puffin client app smart paint – drawing webpages on your PC without rendering any HTML files locally.
The proprietary rendering commands, similar to graphic commands, tells the Puffin client app how to paints webpages on your local PC swiftly and precisely, and also keep the client app always in-sync with its server session.
Latest HTML5 standard support
Puffin supports the latest HTML 5 standard and receives one of highest scores on HTML5 tests. We continue to update Puffin's rendering engine for better user experience, performance and security.
Latest cloud rendering engine with latest secure patches
We constantly upgrade our cloud rendering engine with new HTML 5 standards, features and security enhancements/patches. Most of those upgrades can be done on our servers without updating the Puffin client app, and users may not even notice it happened.
Reduce Classification effort – it’s safe to use Puffin to browse any websites.
The number of infected websites continues to grow, and IT staff have to constantly update the website white/black lists. It’s safe to use Puffin to browse any website. As far as Internet security is concerned, IT staff don’t have to do web classification anymore while using Puffin.
SaaS model -- licensed on a subscription basis & easy to deploy and operate
Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering centrally hosted applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of maintaining software, you can easily use Puffin via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management. We (CloudMosa) manage access to the Puffin Secure Browser application, including security, availability, and performance.
Adaptive, scalable and reliable cloud systems increase productivity and growth to meet business goals.
Puffin Cloud system has many attributes that make it a wonderful choice for companies that have a strong potential for growth. You only pay for the resource you utilize, avoid costly security software purchases, and don’t need to worry about hardware and data center management. Puffin Cloud system can handle increased workloads and network traffic adaptively and reliably. Our system has the capacity to scale to the largest of teams. The architecture behind the system was designed to handle millions of users. We scale as rapidly as our customers require.
Multiple platform support - Windows, Mac OS and Raspberry Pi.
Features on the Raspberry Pi version may differ from the Windows and macOS versions.
Enforcing restrictions on using client local webview to access any websites.
Puffin Secure Browser Enterprise version enforces Internet access via Puffin Server policy. All websites will be opened by the remote browser on Puffin Server.
DNS protection for your system against the most common cyber threats.
Puffin Secure Browser checks your requests to access a website by performing DNS queries on a secure network of servers around the globe. Our DNS service leverages threat intelligence from the industry’s leading cyber security companies to determine whether a website is known to include malware or other security threats. If the website you are attempting to access is known to be risky, your access to the website will automatically be blocked - keeping your data intact from known threats.
Cloud based Ad Blocker
Puffin Ad Blocker intercepts ad activities from the cloud before they reaches your devices. Puffin Ad blocker is constantly learning, constantly adapting, and constantly protecting.
Enforcing restrictions on downloading external files from websites to client PCs.
Puffin Secure Browser Enterprise version restricts directly downloading files. No files can be downloaded directly from the Internet to endpoint devices. Company IT staff can enable the Download to Cloud feature, which allows users download files to supported enterprise cloud storage services.
Traffic Insight and usage log.
Custom white/black website list only for management purposes.
IT staff can still have website white/black lists, which can block users visiting inappropriate websites during office hours.
End user access control
Cloud-based anti-virus document scan
Blocking websites from reading or modifying clipboard content, and disabling clipboard function on certian websites.
Enforcing website security certificate verification, and block users from accessing websites with wrong certificates.
Documents preview on the cloud - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF file formats Only PDFOnly PDF

Puffin Web Browser

It's wicked fast.

Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud servers, and resource-demanding webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets.

Puffin browser mac os x

Puffin Browser Pro

Be more productive and elegant

Puffin For Mac Os X

Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of the Puffin family. It offers the wicked fast browsing speed and the built-in Ad-blocker function. We constantly bring newer features and updates to the Pro version.

Puffin Academy

Safe browser for education

With iPad and tablets, students from K-12 can easily access educational resources on the Internet. However, many great interactive websites are developed with Adobe Flash, which is not playable on most mobile devices. To make a difference, we provide Puffin Academy web browser, the fastest & safest Flash mobile browser, to K-12 students for Free!

Puffin for Facebook

Better for Less


Puffin For Mac Os X

Puffin for Facebook delivers better speeds and consumes less data usage. Less data usage is made possible by Puffin's wicked efficient data compression. Puffin Browser consumes 80-90% less data than other browsers or even native apps. The data savings are more significant on slower network connections.