Tomcat For The Mac

Tomcat is a Servlet container (Web server that interacts with Servlets) developed under the Jakarta Project of Apache Software Foundation.
In this post we will see How to Install Apache Tomcat on Mac OS X.

Tomcat can also be configured to run multiple web applications on different ports. For example, it could be running three applications on 8080, 8081, 9090 port numbers. By default, Apache tomcat makes use of port number 8080. It’s also cross-platform compatible, that is can be used on Windows, Mac OS, Linux operating systems. Tomcat always needs Java to be installed as a prerequisite.Mac OS X has Java by default. So, you no need to install Java again. Just follow the steps to install tomcat in your Mac OS X. Find out the binary version (tomcat) from the official site of Tomcat and create a folder and give a name like “tomcat” inside Macintosh HD. Start Tomcat Automatically on a Mac OS X Machine As of OS X version 10.4, Apple launches and manages all its init scripts via a program 'launchd', which uses property list files to provide centralized access and configuration control over all the daemons available for the system to run. For more information concerning Tomcat Native, see the Tomcat Native site. Source (please choose the correct format for your platform) Native 1.2.25 Source Release tar.gz (e.g. Unix, Linux, Mac OS).


Step 1 – Download and unzip the tar.gz.
Download a zip of the core module: from the official website of Apache Tomcat. (Binary Distributions / Core section):

Open/unzip the zip will create a folder structure in your Downloads folder.

Step 2 – install:


Apache Tomcat Native Library

Tomcat for macFor