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If you are extremely conscious and fascinated about the weather forecast and are excited about the methods of weather tracking, here are some excellent software for you. If you’re trying to find out the best one, it is really tough. So, it is advised to have a look at all of them and know about the various pros and cons of this software. Then, try to find the best one, which suits your needs and demands perfectly.

There are various options available for eye tracking, and some of these are offered free-of-charge. While this can be a great benefit for many users, this advantage is dependent on the software working well - if it doesn’t function as hoped, or offer the capabilities required, then the price doesn’t matter. Top 20 Most Affordable Applicant Tracking Software Report Methodology Finding the right employee can be expensive and, unfortunately, so can finding the right applicant tracking software. This in-depth report on affordable applicant tracking systems is the result of months of research from Capterra to determine which ATSs provide you the most.


Weather Defender

The weather defender software has various programs to connect the desktop to the national network of weather satellites and radar. It helps in scanning the weather intruders continuously near the place of residence and business. It helps in identifying the weather threats of lightning, tornadoes, hail, high winds and storms.



This software provides interactive and customizable interface that allows an individual to accumulate information and get audio and visual alarms about the weather information. It provides the ability to print, save, e-mail all the information about the weather. The trial version of this software has all the features of full versions.


This is the software for tracking hurricanes. It is also known as the storm tracking software, which identifies the lifecycle of the entire storm by the official sources as the topical disturbances. It provides trusted and latest information about every storm by aggregating all the data as per the data received from the various sources.


This is a free weather radar software, which provides information about the thunderstorms and showers followed by heavy rainfall. It also provides information about the probability of floods in the low lying areas. This software also provides information about the level of humidity and heat in the areas as well.

Other Platforms

There are several weather satellite tracking software based on the various platforms of different systems and various regions. These software provide weather status and information. They also help in tracking the various conditions of the weather of the various regions accordingly. They provide alerts to the regions as well, if required.

Weather Tracker for Mac

It is a software used for the Mac systems. It provides a display layout portraying the primary information about the weather on a screen. It takes the support of the full Apple script. Also, it has the ability to upload the webpages to the FTP servers. Thus, it provides real time updates about the weather.

Storm Predator for Windows

It is a software, which serves the nation by retrieving loops and images from the various locations of the nation. It is the free Doppler radar software, which monitors the Doppler weather radar. It provides real time based map topography, storm tracking, email, cellphone and pager alert, weather forecast and current data as well.

WSV3 – Most Popular Software

It is the high performing software providing innovative ideas to the requirements of the clients for improvements. It is the most popular one in its domain providing live tracking of weather and monitoring weather information as well to the target industries. It ensures emergency management, insurance, construction safety, DOT operations, storm-chasing and more. You can also see Motion Tracking Software

What is Weather Tracking Software?

A weather tracking software is the set of programs, which help in performing the set of functions related to tracking the various weather conditions. It helps in weather forecasting, storm tracking, providing alerts about thunderstorms and heavy showers, weather information monitoring, managing emergency by making use of the various innovative techniques and latest know-how. There are several software based on the different systems and designs. You can also see Sales Tracking Software

These are extremely user-friendly and interactive in nature. There software are widely available for tracking weather live and for getting future forecasting as well. People make use of these software and take necessary actions accordingly.Thus, the various software discussed above serve different purposes. Also, this software works on various operating systems.

However, people need to have a basic knowledge of using this software to get a proper understanding of these various parameters highlighted in this software. People make use of this software to avoid the weather disturbances and ensure safety.

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IP means Internet Protocol and every device connected to a network has to have an IP address for the devices to communicate to each other. It is difficult to track the IP address within an organization or on the internet as the number of addresses required is increasing by the day. IP tracking software allows us to track the IP address and manage the IP addresses if required. We evaluate 6+ Best IP tracking software which are available for managing the IP. Some IP tracking tools are free and available for download. IP tracking is used for security purposes too.


IP Address Tracking

This software is from Solarwinds who make many such tools. It scans the network for all IP’s and maintains it in a database. It provides historical reporting on the usage of this IP. It monitors the IP addresses and raises an alarm if there are issues with the IP.

Trace My IP

This is an online software which tracks the IP. It can let you know where the IP originated from, which country, state and location. It is a server-side utility for websites. It collects the information how many visitors came to the website and from which IP’s and where are they located. It provides detailed analytics about the same.

IP Tracker Online

This is a hosted application and gives details about a specified IP address. It displays the location of the IP address on the map. It gives information like the IP, the host name and the location. It also tells us the internet service provider. It gives information about the DNS Server.

IP Tracking Software on Other Platforms


IP Tracking Software is available on a variety of software platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows. We will review the IP tracking software which works on a different platform. This will help you in making the decision.

Tracking Software For Computer

IP Plan for Linux

IPplan is a free open source software which works on the Linux platform and is multilingual. It helps to manage the IP’s on a network and it supports multiple networks too. It has a web-based GUI to simplify IP address management and it comes with additional tools for DNS management. It makes IP management simple by managing for multiple customers.

NetSetMan for Windows

This is a software which is available as freeware. It has a good graphical user interface for managing the IP addresses within a location. It allocates IP so that there are no clashes. It helps in giving the DNS suffix. It manages the Wi-FI network too. It shows the status of the network card.

IP Locator for Mac

This piece of software runs on a Mac based computer. It can scan through the Weblogs and find out where the IP addresses originated from. It shows the origin and the country where the request came from. This can give information about who visits the web site and also if you are trying to find about a hacker.

Satellite Tracking Software For Mac

Most Popular Software – IP Tracker

This is one of the popular software and simple tool which works on all platforms. It has great power and accuracy which will track IP in very easy way. This can also give extra information like browser type, computer system, browser language etc, IP currency, local time etc. You can also see IP Changer Software

Free Inventory Tracking Software For Mac

What is IP Tracking Software?

IP Tracking Software is used to manage or track the IP addresses. Earlier IP addresses had to be maintained in an Excel sheet so that the right IP address is allocated and there is no clash. The advent of IP tracking software the tool started managing the IP address. You can also see IP Blocker Software

Expense Tracking Software For Mac

The software has the capability of maintaining the IP addresses for a network or multiple networks. It also has the capability to manage for multiple customers though they may have the same IP addresses. The software also helps in monitoring the IP networks. There is another type of IP tracking software which lets us know where the IP address is from.

We have reviewed the 6+ best IP tracking software above. You can download the software from the internet or use the online tools and you can choose the best tool for managing the IP addresses. It will make your life easier.

Voice Tracking Software For Mac

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