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This is the guide to setting up your plastic guitar controllers using Xpadder a Glovepie on windows. The guide for Mac users is at the bottom of the page. Xpadder Downloading. In this method, you will need to get Xpadder: Download Xpadder from Rapidshare. Once the file has been downloaded, Extract the files. Xpadder is a virtual remote simulator tool that can simulate keyboard and mouse commands to any Remote Controller. It is available for all version of Windows and MAC OS. Xpadder simulates all the available keyboard or mouse controls with remote controller in order to play games that do not come with remote configurations. Xpadder is available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Flac to mp3 mac is a free mac os application which converts flac to mp3 wma m4a aac ogg and wav audio formats. convert flac audio to mp3 and more formats on mac os, the user interface is quite simple and you can drag and drop your flac files onto the program then the conversion would start instantly flac to mp3 mac will convert all your flac music at once / audio extracting flac to mp3. Xpadder allows you to map keyboard keys and mouse button actions to your game controller buttons Xpadder also allows you to map the mouse pointer to your game controller sticks Xpadder can also handle combinations, sequences, toggles, triggers, shift sets, multiple controllers and more Xpadder is designed for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Download Xpadder - Plug in your gamepad and configure controls to emulate keyboard and mouse while saving configurations for preferred games or different consoles.

Xpadder makes your gaming control even easier using the mouse movements and standard gamepad. Many games do not support an external controller, so in that case, Xpadder is the simplest choice. You can download the software on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP and use it on a web browser, music player, video player, and many other applications. If you do not know about its features and installation guide, let’s learn Download Xpadder for PC- an easy guide.

Top Features of Xpadder for PC

Before going to the download and installation process, I would like to tell you more about this software. One of the reasons why this application is widely used is, it comes with some amazing features and also works great on your Windows computers. Let’s check out the highlighted features of Xpadder for Windows.

  1. You can easily control your controller through this application
  2. Emulates your mouse and keyboard for an easy controlling
  3. You can also play the multiple-player games with this application
  4. Xpadder free download includes playing browser games easily
  5. Supports for up to 16 controllers and can also control your media player and other Windows software
  6. Also works with a joystick, gamepad, and arcade sticks

Now, there are two ways you can install and use Xpadder on PC; one is the free download and another one is the paid method. Let me share both the free and paid methods here in the section below.

Xpadder Free Download for PC

You can use the older versions with its old features, but if you want the latest updated features, you will have to download the paid version. So, these methods will help you install the old version of Xpadder.

Download Xpadder for PC-Free

  1. Go to Xpadder official website
  2. Click on the download link and you will see Xpadder download options for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP
  3. Download the compatible file and install the application on your PC using the same file
  4. Now, just plug in the game controller and start using Xpadder

You can easily configure the controller using any Xpadder version, even the old and free app also supports this feature.

Download Xpadder for PC- Paid Method

The latest full version of Xpadder is available for $9.99, but before you can download the software, you need to make the payment first. Below are the steps that you can follow-

  1. Visit https://xpadder.com and select your language as well as country
  2. A next page will appear where you will have to provide your email address
  3. Xpadder will send you an email which you will have to open to find the download link
  4. From that link, you can make a payment
  5. Once you make the payment, you are allowed to download the latest version of the Xpadder app.

Weren’t all these steps easy? I bet you are able to download and install Xpadder for PC, in case of any struggle, please let us know in the comment box below. In order to enable or disable applications, take a look at our other posts for details.

Xpadder is a virtual remote simulator tool that can simulate keyboard and mouse commands to any Remote Controller. It is available for all version of Windows and MAC OS. Xpadder simulates all the available keyboard or mouse controls with remote controller in order to play games that do not come with remote configurations.

Xpadder is available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. It is also supported in MAC and available in MAC OS Sierra and onwards. This tool can simulate all the commands for keyboard and mouse in different programs or your desktop. Following are the complete details of Xpadder, its usability, features, download, and FAQ.

Xpadder For Mac


Xpadder is a great tool that can connect with different operating systems. It can simulate the commands of your wish with your remote controller. Either using X-Box Controller or any other, Xpadder can make you run your computer with a remote controller. Therefore, now playing games that do not provide remote control options is simple.

Following are the major usability features of Xpadder:

Xpadder mac versionXpadder
  • Xpadder for Windows 10 supports almost every controller available.
  • Select the input commands for a controller with ease of choice.
  • Supports Multiplayer options for games.
  • Can configure more than ten controllers at the same time.
  • Supports all games and software.
  • Xpadder is good with browser and video/music player app usability also.
  • Compatible with a gamepad, arcade sticks, and joystick


Usually, most of the games support remote controller options, but there are many releases that are not supported. There are many old games along with many newly released games that do not support the controller with their gameplay. Xpadder free is the app that will simulate the keyboard controllers with joystick or gamepad. All you need to do is connect your controller and start playing.

Emulate Keyboard or mouse with every button of choice. This software is fast working. You will not experience any delay while your gameplay by using it. This tool has a good response time that will let you play like a pro. Allowing the user to configure any gaming controller, you can choose with many different xpadder profiles.

Xpadder Free allows saving of 50 profiles and now each player and game can have their controls configured independently. The display of controller blueprint on profile screen also makes it more worthy of selecting the controller profile.

Xpadder For Mac

It is also good at working with media playing apps and browsers. You can simply select the controller options and use it for controlling volume or streaming. Since it also supports the wireless remote, it is also a good option to use your computer wirelessly. In addition, it gives you control over other Window apps. For example, you can do some simple tasks, such as opening and closing files. It also allows you to control your presentation easily.

This Software supports all the version of Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP. It is also available for MAC OS. To use Xpadder latest version there is a small one time fee. Where as user can also opt for the free version. The free version of Xpadder is just the older versions. Latest one is now available in version 6.03 Beta.

Xpadder Download

There are two ways by which xpadder can be downloaded to PC. It can be downloaded from the official website by paying for the latest version or can be downloaded free over here.

Download Xpadder Paid:

The latest version of xpadder is available for $10. It can be downloaded from the official website by paying to get the working download link. Follow the steps below to download xpadder paid:

  1. Go to xpadder.com
  2. click on your native language and select country
  3. type your email address
  4. After redirected to the payment gateway, pay the amount using credit or debit card
  5. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link.

NOTE: The download link for Xpadder is a personal link and is valid for 48 hours only.

After you have paid for the software, you will start receiving the latest updates as soon as they roll out.

Xpadder Free Download

The latest version for Xpadder is Paid. But here is the Xpadder version 6.0 download for free for our users. Follow the below-listed steps to download Xpadder for free:

  1. Click here to access a web page with the download
  2. On the page, you’ll find download options for the app
  3. Download the app and install it
  4. Connect a controller to your computer and the app will run

Download Now for Windows
Download Now for MAC

Every version of Xpadder can connect the controller with your computer. Downloading the old version will solve the purpose to simulate keyboard and mouse controllers.

Connect Controllers With Xpadder:

Xpadder usually allows up to 10 controllers to connect because it will be sufficient to simulate all the keyboard and mouse controllers. Playing multiplayer games or matches is now easy using Xpadder. Players can select buttons of their choice and can also disable any feature or button they do not desire. Below are the basic steps to configure Xpadder with gamepad controllers.

  1. After the installation, click on the xpadder icon on the desktop.
  2. Once on the dashboard, click on settings
  3. See the list of controllers attached with your PC,
  4. Click on the controller to configure,
  5. Adjust and choose settings of choice,
  6. Click on save changes.

That’s it! Now you can use the controllers for the button you have configured it with. For Example: If you have configured ‘W’ key with ‘↑’ key of your controller, then whenever you press the key, PC will count as a hit on ‘W’ key of the keyboard. You can also keep the controller to default settings and start using it.

xpadder controller images

Xpadder Alternative

As the latest version of Xpadder is paid users keep searching for the free replacement. If you have downloaded the older version of the software then you may seek the alternative software. Here is the list of some free Alternatives that can be helpful:

  1. Virtual Piano
  2. 2XD Soft
  3. X Keyboard
  4. MIDI Keyboard Simulator
  5. Keyboard Actuator

Before Download and using any of the Xpadder Alternative, the installed version must be uninstalled. Follow the steps below to uninstall.

  1. Click the Start menu and go to Control Panel then click Programs
  2. Click Uninstall a program
  3. Right-click on Xpadder and select Uninstall/Change
  4. Click Yes to complete the uninstallation

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Use?

You need to Download and install Xpadder for your PC. After completing the installation, connect the gaming controller with the PC and open the dashboard. After your computer recognizes the driver, All your remote settings will be visible in Xpadder Profiles option. Now the user can map the keys accordingly. After selecting the preferences, the profile can be saved for future uses. After the user has configured profiles, the controller can be connected and used anytime just after launching the software and connecting the gamepad.

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What is the working Procedure?

Xpadder replaces the common keyboard commands with gamepad controller according to the settings. Whenever a key is configured with any gaming controller using Xpadder, every key that is being hit on gamepad gives the input of the corresponding key.

For example: If you are connecting and configuring the ‘Space Bar’ with ‘Down Arrow’ of your controller, Then both the keys will give the same input to your CPU. Sometimes Xpadder may be unable to work with Service Host Superfetch Process and can be stuck in middle. You shall disable the process.

What is its Working Principle?

The basic use of the software is to connect the gamepad with CPU to support the games that are not available with gamepad configuration. But it lets the user play games that do not support gamepads. User can also change the controls of different games that do not let gamepad to be configured.

Xpadder Macro Guide

Xpadder Windows 10 Works by simulating the signals of button hits. When the user configures profiles, it takes the gamepad signal as input and returns the same signal that the keyboard sends with any corresponding keys. CPU counts the signals from it as the signal from a keyboard or mouse to act accordingly.

How many controllers it can connect?

Allowing to use up to 16 controllers at the same time, it is one of the best simulating software available in the market for free. It helps in connecting and playing multiplayer games. Now you can enjoy playing with a virtual team.

What devices are supported?

Xpadder can work with many different controllers and devices at the same time. This Software can simulate different devices at the same time. It usually supports the following devices:

  • Joystick
  • Gamepad
  • Arcade stick
  • Guitar
  • Dance mat
  • Steering wheel
  • Drum kit
  • custom controllers

Xpadder For Mac Os X

Xpadder is also used to develop new games and system supporting software. Nowadays with the era of smart cars and homes, it can help you design your own keyboard with ease. If you see it in the list of controllers attached to your computer, create a profile for it and start using it. Other than game controllers, the app also works seamlessly with media players. It also allows you to control other Windows programs using the controller.