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YWriter is a text editor focused on literary works, that features endless features to organize your creative process, far beyond just working as a text editor. Scrivener combines everything you need to craft your.

YWriter5 is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind.

Drag/drop images into the correct location in the text. They all appear together at the top of each section.

Update the text so it doesn't say (as shown left) when the image is below, above, etc. Just change the text to say (as shown) instead

Replace any outdated images or information.

The guide should be updated to focus purely on getting started, setting default options. This means removing any information which is already on the Spacejock website. E.g. information on Simon Haynes, anything explaining what yWriter was designed for, etc. We can always include links to other parts of the Wiki. (e.g. About yWriter)

Note for contributors:

Ywriter for mac

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Ywriter5 Mac

Revision history:

Ywriter5 For Mac

Version 1.0 By Rowena Tayler-Henry (2008)

Version 1.1 converted to HTML and uploaded here by Simon Haynes

Ywriter5 For Mac

Editor's Note:

Ywriter For Mac

This Quickstart guide was written by Rowena Tayler-Henry in 2008, and was based on an early release of yWriter5. The original file was a PDF, and my efforts to obtain the HTML source were unsuccessful. Therefore, I've converted the PDF to HTML and have pasted the entire file here so that contributors to the wiki can update the information. Some of the links still need fixing and there are many places where the documentation needs updating. If you believe you can help, please see the Contributors Page.


About the author of this guide, Rowena Tayler-Henry:

Rowena Tayler-Henry wrote the user documentation for Simon Haynes' indispensable program for writers, yWriter, so that other authors could get the full benefit of yWriter's many useful features. Now a teacher of English to speakers of other languages at beginner level, Rowena is now exploring the joys of picture books but will no doubt return to the wonderful world of the novel in the near future.

Ywriter5 For Mac Download

FYI if anyone is still trying to work this on a MacBook with Leopard.
I've worked through a few more of the features and really don't have
any issues, the most is that it's running as though I have a few too
many programs open and it has to think a second or two longer than in
Windows to do something. You do need to save constantly and close
things down by using the Application Name>Quit App way, you will
sometimes still get an error stating that it was closed improperly,
but so long as you save before you do that you're fine as far as I can
tell. Still playing with it so I'm no expert, but this looks like a
great way for us yWriter junkies to use it on our MacBooks without
having to buy Windows to load through BootCamp. By the way, the
slowness really isn't that slow, even if I had a copy of Windows to
install I wouldn't, I like having it in Leopard so that I can still
use my other programs for research and such.
Here are the web pages.
I used the thisismyinter.net to download and install. It worked
great, I do have some computer knowledge, but no programming so I was
afraid that I wouldn't be able to figure it out as their site
specifically states the program is mainly for developers and the
like. This site has a packaged program so basically all you do is
download DarWine, install it and then download your program and
install it. Even though they state they aren't truly and emulator, it
does kind of work that way. It's a bit slow, you have to know what
yWriter can do for it to appear to be worth it. If I didn't know how
much time I'd waste trying to organize and write in just a Word
Processor I may not have even bothered, but it does work. You just
have to let it pick it's destination folders. It still does
everything as though you are in Windows, but will install in the
correct places to run.
I can't guarantee all aspects of the program as I just got it all
downloaded and opened, but I have created a new project and am working
on copying and pasting all of my current work and organizing.